Goplan announces José Galli as new CEO

Expansion of the innovative franchise model in agribusiness and delivery of differentiated solutions in products and services are among the company's main goals

02.04.2024 | 09:31 (UTC -3)

Goplan, a franchising company focused on agribusiness based in Campinas, announced José Henrique Galli as its new CEO. Galli, an agronomist with extensive experience in multinationals in the sector, assumes leadership with the aim of expanding the company's operations and boosting its growth. Goplan's strategy involves consolidating its innovative franchising model, strengthening its franchisee network and expanding its market presence.

José Henrique Galli intends to quintuple Goplan's revenue over the next three years, maintaining the strategy of valuing the role of the franchise owner and offering support with a specialized portfolio, including nutrition and biologicals.

With more than 20 years of experience, including the successful expansion of brands such as Precision Planting and Fendt in Brazil, Galli plans to apply his expertise to reinforce Goplan's value proposition, based on exclusivity with partners and its own portfolio of products and services.

Goplan stands out in the market for its portfolio of 55 own products, covering 21 franchisees and 109 stores distributed in 12 states. The company serves a portfolio of 55 thousand customers in an area of ​​22 million hectares. In 2023, despite the challenges faced by the agricultural sector, Goplan achieved a positive performance by changing the mix of its product portfolio, which allowed a significant increase in operating margin. Specialized products now represent around 55% of revenue, compared to 22% previously. This, together with support for franchisees, contributed to group revenue of R$3,3 billion, showing a significant gain in market share, even with the reduction in the prices of chemical products and fertilizers.

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