Fendt shows e107 V Vario electric tractor at Agritechnica

Tractor has an external width of 1,07 meters and a height of 2,45 meters; The machine has a battery capacity of 100 kWh

12.11.2023 | 10:44 (UTC -3)
Cultivar Magazine

Fendt presents the Fendt e2023 V Vario at Agritechnica 107, in Hanover, Germany. With an "e" for electric in the name, the number 107 for the Fendt e100 Vario series (75 hp) and V for "vineyard", this is a narrow gauge version. The machine has a battery capacity of 100 kWh. This corresponds to an operating time of 4 to 7 hours for applications in the part load range. For energy-intensive operations, tractor operating time is reduced.

The Fendt e107 V Vario model has an external width of 1,07 meters and a height of 2,45 meters. According to a company statement, the combination of compact dimensions, Fendt Vario transmission and emission-free operation allows not only use in vineyards with narrow rows, but also entry into aluminum corridors or tunnels.

For charging, the Fendt e107 V Vario is equipped with a CCS2 socket. This corresponds to the automotive standard. A type 2 socket allows charging via alternating current up to 22 kW. It can also be charged via the widely used industrial socket with 32 A in combination with a mobile charger with 22 kW. With this charging power, the battery can be fully charged within 5 hours. DC fast charging with a charging capacity of up to 80 kW is possible via a CCS socket. The battery charges from 20 to 80 percent charge capacity in around 45 minutes and is ready for use again as quickly as possible.

In the future, an increase in operating time will be possible through a system for extending operating times – the so-called “Range Extender”. Fendt and AGCO Power are working together on a first prototype for the system.

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