Fendt presents cutting-edge technology at Expodireto 2023

Agricultural equipment brand brings complete portfolio to the fair, including tractors with continuously variable transmission and high-efficiency planting and harvesting machines

07.03.2023 | 08:24 (UTC -3)
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Fendt is present for the first time at Expodireto Cotrijal. The brand announced, in August 2022, the expansion of its activities to Rio Grande do Sul, with the first dealership in Passo Fundo, Razera Agrícola, also present at the Fendt stand at the fair.

According to a José Galli, Fendt's Sales Director for South America, the company had to adapt to Brazilian machinery to meet the demands of national agriculture.

Now, the brand seeks to expand its distribution network to serve the country's main agricultural areas with equipment and services aligned with innovation and high technology to guarantee productivity and profitability for farmers.

At Expodireto Cotrijal, the brand presents its entire portfolio of machines, with emphasis on the Fendt Vario tractors with VarioDrive continuously variable transmission, a global reference technology for having an independent drive for traction on the front and rear axles.

Furthermore, Fendt Momentum stands out for its exclusive DeltaForce system, which applies the ideal pressure to each of the planting lines, maintaining contact with the soil and maximizing planting efficiency.

As for harvest management, Fendt Ideal is the largest on the national market.

These products are explained, in the video above, by the commercial manager of Fendt Brasil, Pedro Desconsi.

Fendt Vario 900 G7

The Fendt 900 Vario line has a power range that goes from 385 hp to 415 hp. There are two models at the fair: 939 Vario and 942 Vario.

The combination of the MAN engine and the Fendt iD concept brings high performance at low rpm, providing smooth operation with maximum torque and minimum consumption. The six-cylinder in-line engine combines power with a compact and lightweight design.

The VarioDrive continuously variable transmission (CVT) operates on the front and rear axles independently. Standard on the entire Fendt 900 Vario series, the Common Rail system brings injection pressure of up to 2.500 bar and a turbocharger with variable turbine geometry (VTG) for uniform and dynamic power, even at low speeds.

Fendt Vario 1000 G3

In turn, the Fendt 1046 (476 hp) and Fendt 1050 (517 hp) tractors are equipped with a 12,4 liter MAN engine, with maximum torque between 1.100 and 1.500 rpm.

Combining the MAN engine with the VarioDrive transmission, the tractors adapt to the most different power needs in the most varied operations: soil preparation, planting, grain or sugarcane transshipment.

The Fendt 1000 Vario line features the smallest turning radius on the market (1,5 meters lower than that found in other machines on sale in Brazil), which improves agility in the field.

Fendt Momentum

The Fendt Momentum has greater planting autonomy, with a capacity for 5130 liters of seeds, and also comes with a version with fertilizers. This folding planter has exclusive technologies. The Fendt Smart Frame, for example, levels the rows, allowing them to always be in contact with the ground, regardless of the soil condition, ensuring uniform seed depth.

The implement is the only one on the market that comes standard with the DeltaForce system, which applies the correct pressure to each of the lines, eliminating uncovered seeds and ensuring emergency uniformity, exploiting the full productive potential of each seed.

It also has vDrive, an electrical system that eliminates chains, ratchets and gears, ensuring high precision in controlling the desired population. And it has the 20/20 SeedSense monitor, showing, in real time, everything that happens during planting, row by row. With instant information, the producer makes the best decisions at the moment necessary, guaranteeing perfect planting.

Ideal Fendt

One of the main differentiators of the Ideal line is its efficient processing system, which excels in grain quality and handling, energy efficiency and capacity in a wide variety of conditions.

The harvester has an exclusive separation and helical track system and the longest rotor ever used in a harvester, measuring 4,84 meters in length and 600 mm in diameter. This way, all grains are threshed and separated without negatively affecting quality.

The Fendt Ideal, classes 8 and 9, have the largest grain tank on the Brazilian market, with a capacity of 17.100 liters, holding approximately 220 bags of grain. Discharge performance is also the fastest available at 210 l/s (32% faster than the nearest competitor), discharging in 81 seconds, which is decisive for an efficient harvest chain. It also offers real-time access to data, thus enabling the operator to know what is happening on their machine.

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