Fendt celebrates five years of operations in Brazil with Combo Suplantar at Agrishow 2024

Brand brings market solutions and technologies for planting and exclusive benefits to producers during the most anticipated agribusiness event of the year

29.04.2024 | 16:15 (UTC -3)
Camila de Souza Cordeiro
Photo: Cultivar Magazine
Photo: Cultivar Magazine

Fendt, a German manufacturer of high-tech agricultural machinery and implements, celebrates five years of operation in Brazil and during Agrishow 2024, which takes place from April 29th to May 03rd, it reinforces its focus on placing the customer at the center of its business with the Combo Suplantar and presenting its Fendt Gold Star loyalty program, developed to offer exclusive benefits to its customers.

Since its arrival in Brazil in 2019, Fendt has prioritized the needs of rural producers, seeking to offer machines and solutions that meet their specific demands. Rafael Antonio Costa, Commercial Director at Fendt, endorses the brand's commitment to offering the best for its customers “Over these five years, Fendt has expanded its portfolio and service network in Brazil to meet the growing demands of the Brazilian market for technology and innovation in the field. Participation in Agrishow 2024 is a demonstration of Fendt’s continued commitment to offering high-quality solutions and contributing to the progress of Brazilian agribusiness.”

Combo Suplantar, one of the main attractions of Agrishow 2024, is an example of this commitment. Consisting of the Fendt 700 Vario Gen7 series of tractors and the new version of the Fendt Momentum planter. Furthermore, during the event, Fendt presents a great new feature: its customer loyalty program, Fendt Gold Star. The program offers exclusive benefits to farmers, including a three-year factory warranty for its solutions, initially the Fendt 700 Vario tractor and the Rogator 934H sprayer, and also guarantees a higher resale rating. This initiative highlights Fendt's commitment to establishing longer-lasting partnership relationships between customer, dealer and factory.

"Our commitment to Brazilian rural producers goes beyond providing quality equipment. We place the customer at the center of our business, seeking to establish solid and lasting partnerships", highlights Costa.

Fendt Gold Star

The program represents an even greater brand commitment to the satisfaction of the brand's customers. In this way, Fendt seeks to strengthen ties with rural producers, offering them a complete package of services and benefits that guarantee peace of mind, security and profitability.

“Fendt Gold Star is more than a loyalty program, it is a demonstration of our commitment to customers and Brazilian agriculture”, says Fabio Dotto, Director of Product Marketing at Fendt. “With this program, we want to offer our customers the best possible experience, from the purchase of the machine to after-sales, guaranteeing them the peace of mind of knowing that they are investing in a high quality product and that throughout the entire journey of your equipment, it will be supported by Fendt.”

Fendt 700 Vario Gen7

In its seventh generation, the new series of 700 Vario tractors will be offered to the market through models (Fendt 726 Vario and Fendt 728 Vario) that occupy the power range of 262 to 283 horsepower. The machinery is equipped with the VarioDrive transmission, a technology that provides the best rotations and speeds for handling, with a minimum slip rate and high fuel economy. The 728 model, displayed at the brand's stand at the fair, has the Fendt Dynamic Performance concept, which provides an additional 20 horsepower depending on the need for each job performed, thus reaching 303 hp.

Another highlight at the fair is the 18-row Fendt Momentum planter, with the same technologies present in the larger implements already established on the market. The equipment carries out planting in flat areas and on irregular terrain or contour lines, ensuring seed deposits are always at the same depth. To make this possible, the Fendt Smart Frame comes into action, which reads the points of contact with the ground, the 40° angle provided by Wing Flex, the best load distribution on the chassis through Weight Transfer, and the Delta Force that applies the correct pressure to each of the lines. When folded, the planter measures 3,6m, the smallest transport width in its category, without having to disassemble any component.

“The Suplantar Combo represents the fusion of the best solutions and technologies on the market for planting. We have an internationally renowned tractor, recognized for its versatility and operational efficiency, combined with a planter that redefines planting patterns, now available in new sizes. The Fendt Momentum, in turn, adapts harmoniously to a variety of terrain conditions, ensuring even weight distribution across the chassis and resulting in exceptional planting quality. This equipment forms the ideal combination to meet the needs of producers looking to raise productivity standards", highlights Fabio Dotto, Product Marketing Director at Fendt and Valtra.

Fendt Momentum planter adapts to a variety of soil conditions, ensuring even weight distribution resulting in quality planting.

Other brand products present at the Fendt stand at Agrishow 2024 Fendt Vario MT: With 673 horsepower and tracks, the tractor, in addition to having less impact on the ground, skates less by maintaining a constant area of ​​contact with the ground. It is ideal for sandy soils, recovery of degraded areas or in crops where the land is exposed, such as sugar cane. In these situations, the equipment makes farm work more efficient and sustainable, providing fuel savings and less wear on parts. As with the brand's other tractors, the model has the Fendt VarioDrive transmission, which guarantees ideal speed and rotation for operation. It has the exclusive Smart Ride Plus suspension system for angle adjustments in its front part, which, in turn, modifies the machine's center of gravity according to each need.

Fendt Rogator 900: The self-propelled sprayer can be used in various applications, pre-planting and post-emergence, throughout the harvest in low and high crops and different types of land. It has a capacity of 3.400 liters in the main tank and a free space of 1,52 and 1,93 meters, with technologies that guarantee greater savings in time and money, such as two extra tanks of 150 liters each for direct injection of products, for farmers who need to make localized and specific applications. One of the solutions that guarantee efficient operation is LiquidLogic, an input recirculation system that proportionally agitates the product so that the application occurs perfectly along the bar, which provides pressure. The electronic level ruler for the tank ensures the use of the ideal amount of liquid. This reduces the potential for off-target application, product waste and maintenance costs due to clogging and sedimentation. Sprays are more precise with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), as the application rate per nozzle body is individually adjusted. With this uniformity, the machine maintains the volume of drops regardless of the operating speed and even when cornering.

Fendt Vario 900 G7: The 936 Vario, 355 hp, 939 Vario, 385 hp, and 942 Vario, 415 hp models combine the MAN six-cylinder in-line engine for power and a compact, lightweight design with the Fendt iD concept that delivers high torque at low rotation, providing smooth operation with maximum performance and minimum consumption. The series comes standard with the Common Rail system, which brings injection pressure of up to 2.500 bar and a turbocharger with variable turbine geometry (VTG) for uniform and dynamic power, even at low speeds. The VarioDrive continuously variable transmission (CVT) operates on the front and rear axles independently.

Fendt Vario 1000 G3: The Fendt 1046, with 476 hp and Fendt 1050, with 517 hp, are also equipped with the MAN engine and the VarioDrive transmission. The tractors adapt to the most different power needs in the most varied operations: soil preparation, planting, transshipment of grains or sugarcane. Its highlight is the smallest turning radius on the market (1,5 meters lower than that found in other machines on sale in Brazil), which improves agility in the field.

Ideal Fendt: The Fendt Ideal harvester line has as one of its main differentiators its efficient processing system, which excels in grain quality and handling, energy efficiency and capacity in a wide variety of conditions. The machine guarantees up to 15% more operational efficiency, allowing the harvest to finish a week in advance; 20% savings in fuel consumption; 25% increase in grain quality; and up to 30% loss reduction, in addition to having the largest grain tank on the Brazilian market, with a capacity of 17.100 liters, 18% more than other current high-performance machinery.

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