Femagri and Feira do Cerrado da Cooxupé start today, the 1st

Business fairs will be held virtually until 26/02

01.02.2021 | 20:59 (UTC -3)
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Starting today, February 1st, Femagri (for coffee growers in the South of Minas and Middle Mogiana in the state of São Paulo) and the Cerrado Fair (for producers in Alto Paranaíba and Triângulo Mineiro), held by the Regional Coffee Growers Cooperative in Guaxupé - Cooxupé. The events take place exclusively in a virtual environment until February 26th.

The fairs are among the most important in the country focused on coffee growing and bring together the main launches, opportunities and solutions for the sector. The more than 15 thousand members will carry out their business by accessing the website of the two events or the Cooxupé application. 80 companies participate in the virtual campaign.

"Even in the format Online, the member will have all the benefits offered by Cooxupé at in-person fairs, such as the barter operation, in which the member uses their coffee as currency. In addition, payment terms will be offered that can be spread over 3 to 5 years", explains president Carlos Augusto Rodrigues de Melo.

The fairs can be accessed:

- Websites: https://www.cooxupe.com.br/femagri e https://www.cooxupe.com.br/feiradocerrado

- Cooxupé APP - Android and IOS versions.

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