Faesp details programs and effective release of resources in the 2023/24 Harvest Plan Technical Report

The publication covers the programs and credit lines for funding, investment and commercialization of the 2023/2024 Harvest Plan and highlights the importance of making resources available to producers in a timely manner.

11.08.2023 | 17:00 (UTC -3)
Juscelino P. Junior

Edition 19 of the 2023/24 Harvest Plan Technical Report, produced by the Economic Department of the Agriculture and Livestock Federation of the State of São Paulo (Faesp), is now live. Although there was a 27% increase in resources allocated to the agricultural sector, an amount that was even above market expectations, the sector is cautious about the effective release of these resources.

The Report highlights that, despite the expansion of resources with controlled interest rates of 31%, the experience of the previous year, when financing lines were suspended due to lack of resources, raises concerns about full access to resources. The analysis also highlights the reduction in interest rates for family farming, but reiterates that the sector expected a more comprehensive decrease, considering that we are entering a downward trajectory in interest rates in the country. Furthermore, the lack of definition of the budget for the rural insurance premium subsidy program creates uncertainty.

Another innovation of the Safra Plan that deserves note is the encouragement of sustainable practices through discounts on interest rates on credit programs, as well as the reconfiguration of the RenovAgro program, previously called ABC.

Faesp highlights the importance of quickly releasing resources to enable the adoption of modern technologies by farmers and also highlights the need for political mobilization to guarantee the continuity and predictability of rural insurance.

Details of the analysis of the 2023/2024 Harvest Plan are available here.

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