Epagri and farmers from Curitibanos (SC) evaluate the performance of eight varieties of parsley potatoes

The entity wants to encourage the planting of parsley potatoes in the region to offer an alternative income for rural families

09.07.2024 | 14:48 (UTC -3)
Photo: Disclosure
Photo: Disclosure

From the farm to the plate: this is how farmers in the region of Curitibanos (SC) evaluated eight varieties of yellow parsley potatoes in an event held by the Agricultural Research and Rural Extension Company of Santa Catarina (Epagri). The objective was to identify which varieties of this vegetable (also known as cassava or baroa potato) have the potential to be recommended in the region. Epagri wants to encourage the planting of parsley potatoes to offer an alternative income with good profitability per area for rural families in the region.

The meeting took place on the property of Jean Alberto Zanghelini, in the community of Cerro Alegre, in the interior of Curitibanos. Epagri implemented a demonstration unit for growing parsley potatoes on this property, where it carried out soil analysis and recommended fertilization for planting, at no cost to the producer. In August 2023, seedlings of the following varieties were planted: Coqueiral, Rubia, Inca, Pavão, Senador Amaral, Carijó, Catarina and P2 (still in the evaluation phase).

Field analysis

The event began with a presentation by extensionist Marcelo Zanella, from Epagri, on seedling production, fertility and soil preparation, cultural treatments and harvesting. Zanella also presented the characteristics of the eight varieties of parsley potatoes.

Photo: Disclosure
Photo: Disclosure

The group evaluated and estimated the productivity of each variety. “The plants will only complete their cycle in August, after another 60 days, when the productivity achieved will be at least 50% more than the result achieved in this evaluation”, explained Marcelo Zanella. On the day of the evaluation, the estimated result for each variety was as follows: Coqueiral: 26t/ha, Rubia: 8t/ha, Inca: 19t/ha, Pavão: 15t/ha, Senador Amaral: did not produce, Carijó: 15t/ha , Catarina: 9t/ha and P2: 19t/ha.

Potato parsley cooking

From the field, participants went to the cooking and tasting phase, led by researcher Eduardo da Costa Nunes, from Epagri de Urussanga. At this stage, in addition to the yellow varieties, a white parsley potato variety was included in the analysis for comparison. In the cooking evaluation, participants approved all varieties, with particular emphasis on Coqueiral and Inca potatoes.

Epagri technicians concluded that, based on the availability of seedlings and the productivity of the materials, the most suitable parsley potato varieties for the Curitibanos region are Coqueiral and Inca. The P2 variety, after release, also has great cultivation potential.

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