Engine compatible with alternative fuels is Fendt's highlight at Agrishow

AGCO Power CORE75 demonstrates profitability and sustainability in the field

01.05.2024 | 10:46 (UTC -3)
Camila Cordeiro

The AGCO Power CORE75 engine, manufactured by AGCO Power, a global manufacturer of agricultural engines, is responsible for the success of the Fendt 700 Vario Gen7 tractor. This combination exemplifies AGCO's innovation and commitment to environmental sustainability. During Agrishow 2024, which runs until May 03rd, rural producers can learn about this engine that is synonymous with efficiency. 

The CORE75 engine won the Engine of the Year award at the 2023 Diesel Progress Summit Awards in 2023, and is a key part of the Fendt 700 Vario Gen7, offering excellent low-speed performance, fuel economy and reliability. With an innovative design, the CORE75 guarantees a superior operating experience, providing a lower noise level, better turning radius, greater ground clearance and ease of maintenance.

Fendt 700 Vario Gen7 Tractors

The Fendt 700 Vario Gen7 tractors are the brand's first tractors sold with the CORE75 engine, which has features that guarantee versatility in power and an advanced emissions control system. The engine will be able to run on alternative fuels in the future, which are in the release phase, but today, it leaves the factory ready to be fueled with 100% HVO (Green Diesel), which reduces emissions by up to 75%. CO2. 

Fernando Silva, commercial coordinator at AGCO Power, highlighted: "Alternative fuels of the future, such as hydrogen, ethanol, methanol and biogas, are establishing new requirements for agricultural engines. The CORE engine platform was designed to allow the use of these fuels with greater development, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions". 

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