Elicit Plant prepares expansion for the United States market

Company based in France and operations in Brazil plans its arrival in North American territory

07.06.2024 | 15:05 (UTC -3)
Wided Nasraoui, adapted by Nestor Tipa Júnior
Photo: Disclosure
Photo: Disclosure

Elicit Plant, an agrobiotechnology company, is expanding its international reach and planning its entry into the North American market by 2025. Its biological solutions adapted for cereals, corn and sunflower have quickly gained traction in Brazil, Poland, Ukraine and Romania, after a successful launch in France since 2022. The results, which reduce water consumption in key crops by up to 20%, are driving the company's growth.

Since launching the first product under the Best-a brand in France in 2022, the company has rapidly expanded into five new countries with high potential: Brazil, Poland, Ukraine and, most recently, Romania and Hungary. In November 2023, Elicit Plant's strategic development took a significant turn with it obtaining approval on the European continent, allowing its products to be available in the 27 countries of the European Union.

According to the CEO of Elicit Plant, Jean-François Déchant, each agricultural region has its own specificities. He cites, for example, that 75% of Spain's agricultural land is at risk of desertification. "In Brazil, farmers faced three consecutive years of severe drought. In some areas, for corn alone, water stress halved production, with losses estimated at 30 billion euros. In France, increasingly frequent climate variations and extremes are making agricultural yields uncertain in an already challenging market," says Déchant.

Globally, rising temperatures and more frequent droughts, interspersed with extreme rainfall, are severely affecting agricultural yields, often leading to significant financial losses for farmers around the world. At the forefront of facing these challenges, Elicit Plant develops products based on revolutionary innovations that use phytosterols, bioactive compounds based on plant extracts, which increase plants' natural resistance to abiotic stress, reducing water consumption by plants by up to 20%. %. Bomafit for corn, EliSun-a for sunflowers and EliGrain-a for cereals have quickly established themselves as essential allies in France and internationally.

The rapid adoption of these solutions, especially in Eastern Europe and Brazil, highlights a particularly strong awakening in these countries about the impact of climate variations on their economy and food security. This heightened awareness has facilitated Elicit Plant's accelerated growth, with a 150% annual increase in business activity since the launch of Best-a.

“We are excited to announce that since the launch of our first product in 2022, Best-a, Elicit Plant has established a presence in five countries and has seen triple-digit growth, reaching 150% growth each year. To date, we project revenue of over 10 million for our next campaign, from September 2024 to June 2025, and we are actively preparing our entry into the American market in 2025," adds Déchant.

With a policy of innovation and sustainable expansion, Elicit Plant continues its mission to accelerate the speed of adaptation of the agricultural world to the rapidly evolving climate changes affecting all regions of the world.

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