Elicit Plant announces investments in research for sugar cane

Company released an initiative to combat water stress in sugarcane fields in partnership with Embrapa during a visit by the President of France, Emmanuel Macron

02.04.2024 | 11:08 (UTC -3)
Nestor Tipa Junior

During the visit of the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, the co-founder of Elicit Plant, Olivier Goulay, who was in the delegation of the president of the European country, announced investments in solutions dedicated to sugarcane cultivation. Investments by the French company with operations in Brazil reached close to €5 million.

The solution for sugarcane fields is in continuity with the first products sold in Brazil for corn and soybeans, which have already proven, through research carried out in several Brazilian regions, their value by exploring the potential of phytosterols, natural molecules to improve the resistance of plants to abiotic stresses, especially water and thermal stress. The solution for sugarcane will also be developed using Elicit Plant's EliTerra technology platform, in partnership with several key Brazilian and international actors.

As part of this development work for technologies for sugar cane, an agreement was signed with Embrapa for the development of the Bioenergy sector. Goulay together with the president of the body, Silvia Massruhá, signed the agreement for the production of sugar cane with a focus on protecting Ethanol. The objective is to contribute to the development of the sugarcane sector for sustainable fuel, highlighting the commitment to increasing productivity and facing the challenges of climate change through innovative technologies.

According to Goulay, Brazil has been repeatedly facing problems of falling yields due to drought and climate variations that affect cultivated land. "Our role is to support Brazilian agricultural chains and offer, through our unique technological advancement, innovative solutions that Brazil can rely on. There is an urgency to provide solutions from 2024 to face the future demand for ethanol derived from sugarcane. of sugar", he explained.

Elicit Plant has been present in Brazil for three years and has been working through research to combat the challenges of agricultural production in the face of climate variations, the impact of rising temperatures and dry periods on crops. "Faced with this recent and particularly accentuated phenomenon, the agricultural sector in Brazil is mobilized to remedy the lack of water and the persistent increase in temperatures. In this dynamic of adaptation to climate change, Elicit Plant and its partners are committed to the development of a innovative solution to support the sugarcane production chain, a strategic crop for food sovereignty and the growing demand for ethanol", noted Goulay.

Agtech was part of the official delegation, along with nine other French companies. Food sovereignty and economic challenges were at the center of this visit, in order to discuss the challenges for France and French companies involved in adapting agriculture to climate change.

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