Course on pest inspection in citrus is available on the Fundecitrus platform

Free, EAD format classes enable you to recognize, differentiate and combat the main pests and natural enemies of citrus farming

01.03.2023 | 15:32 (UTC -3)

Fundecitrus launched on Tuesday (28/02), another distance learning course on the Fundecitrus Digital platform, which aims to provide technical and scientific knowledge on the main topics of citrus farming. The course Inspection of pests and natural enemies of citrus is divided into ten modules and brings together information about mites, mealybugs, ferrets, fruit flies, disease-transmitting insects, among others. All content on the platform is free.

Organized by the Fundecitrus Technology Transfer area, the new course has the mission of providing important information to professionals working in this area of ​​citrus farming. “We have prepared a very up-to-date course on this topic to enable the praguer to carry out a service with extreme quality. Pests and natural enemies can be efficiently controlled when these professionals are trained. It is this training that we are providing free of charge”, reinforces Ivaldo Sala, coordinator of the department.

The course will enable the student to recognize and differentiate pests, what is the appropriate inspection frequency, how to have an analytical look at the orchard, damage caused and how to properly record monitoring on the inspection form. “These are pests and natural enemies that are part of the daily lives of those in charge of management. It is very important that professionals in the sector expand their knowledge about them, learn to identify them and, above all, to manage them efficiently and sustainably”, explains Fundecitrus agronomist and course facilitator, Guilherme Rodriguez. 


Launched by Fundecitrus in 2022, the online platform has more than 1.200 registered students. The first course available was on greening, the biggest challenge in citrus farming today. Divided into three modules, totaling 26 video classes, the course remains available on the platform and can also be accessed anywhere and at any time.

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