Corteva sues Inari Agriculture for alleged patent infringement

The lawsuit was filed in court for the District of Delaware; company did not inform which patents were in dispute

27.09.2023 | 18:35 (UTC -3)
Cultivate, with information from Bethany Shively

Corteva reported that it has filed legal action against Inari Agriculture Inc. and Inari Agriculture NV. The company maintains the occurrence of infringements of its intellectual property.

Corteva claims that the "Inari deliberately used a third-party agent to obtain protected seeds from Corteva, illegally exported the seeds outside the United States, made small genetic modifications to the biotechnology traits, and is seeking U.S. patents for these modified traits".

The company did not say which patents were offended or which seed varieties were "illegally" exported from the United States.

When contacted, spokespersons for Inari Agriculture said they had no comment on the case.

The lawsuit was filed in court for the District of Delaware, United States.

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