Corteva Agriscience launches Revolux insecticide for sugarcane crops

Corteva reinforces its operations in the sugarcane segment, with expansion of team and portfolio

26.06.2020 | 20:59 (UTC -3)

Corteva Agriscience is strengthening its operations in the sugarcane sector, the second largest crop in Brazil, with the hiring of new professionals and a robust pipeline (products that are yet to come). The company operates in the sugarcane segment with insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, ripening agents and microbiological nematicides.

“Our goal is to contribute to sustainable growth in the sector through the launch of new technology and innovations. This is a strategic culture for the company, which is why we count on expanding the team, as well as our partners, to bring innovative solutions to customers. In addition to the launch of the Revolux insecticide, we will have many new features soon”, says Mariana Castanho, Commercial Director at Corteva Agriscience.
The company invests 1,2 billion dollars annually in Research & Development, 200 million of which are allocated to Brazil. The new Revolux insecticide offers technology and freedom of choice to farmers in combating the main pest that affects sugarcane crops, the sugarcane borer (Diatraea saccharalis). The caterpillar has a direct effect on the quality of the raw material and, according to experts, can cause losses of up to five billion reais per year to the sector.

Composed of two new active ingredients (Espinetoram and Metoxyfenozide), Revolux works with two different modes of action for prolonged protection of sugarcane against the borer, with selectivity to natural enemies, and becomes a product for integrated pest management (IPM ) by allowing rotation of modes of action within the resistance management strategy. The two active ingredients won the green chemistry award, endorsed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), for their specific action on target insects, selectivity for beneficial organisms and harmless attributes to the environment.

Brazil is the largest sugarcane producer in the world, with more than 9 million hectares of planted area and a US$1,4 billion crop protection market, according to Spark. Corteva believes it can contribute to the development of this market, with innovative solutions that make farmers' daily lives easier and increase the productivity and profitability of sugarcane fields.

Good Agricultural Practices

All Corteva technologies have guidance on their correct use, in addition to undergoing rigorous testing before being approved by regulatory bodies. The company also has a robust Good Agricultural Practices program that covers several states in Brazil, promoting technical training for producers, agronomists and consultants on weed management, integrated pest management, disease management, application technology and worker safety.

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