Copasul announces record revenue of R$5,89 billion in 2023

Numbers presented at the 46th Ordinary General Assembly represent growth of 34,5% compared to 2022

01.04.2024 | 14:23 (UTC -3)
José Luiz Alves Neto, Cultivar Magazine edition
Photo: Disclosure
Photo: Disclosure

Copasul announced at its 46th Ordinary General Assembly (AGO) a record revenue of R$5,89 billion, referring to the 2023 financial year. The revenue comprises Copasul's consolidated results and represents an increase of 34,5% over 2022. In addition In addition, the cooperative also announced the surplus for the year, which totaled R$ 129,98 million.

“Although we are living in a time of commodities with lower prices and a reduced harvest, the cooperative showed that in 2023 it managed to overcome itself and has numbers that we are really proud of. Copasul has taken a very big step and we are sure that it is on the right path”, praised the president of the Board of Directors, Gervasio Kamitani.


The cooperative also presented the main investments made in 2023, focusing on expanding the capacity to receive and store grains, where around R$400 million was invested, the largest volume in the cooperative's history in this sector.

Among the investments, highlights include the inauguration of the Grain Receiving Unit in Angélica, with capacity for 450.000 bags, and the beginning of work on the Serra de Maracaju Grain Receiving Unit, with capacity for 900.000 bags and expected to open in 2025. Simultaneously, expansions were made to the Aeroporto, Takehara, Deodápolis, Itaquiraí, Amandina, Novo Horizonte do Sul, Anaurilândia and Maracaju units. In short, counting on the inauguration of the Serra de Maracaju Unit, the cooperative's storage capacity will increase by 47%, jumping to more than 15 million bags, and an increase in unloading capacity from 65 to 125 trucks per hour.

Budget forecast

The executive president of Copasul, Adroaldo Taguti, showed the budget forecast for 2024, approved by the assembly, and then presented the investments for this year, whose focus is the Soy Processing Unit. R$1 billion will be invested in the project, financed by BNDES. The industry is expected to open in March 2026.

The novelty is the construction of a unit of the Copasul-IBRA Soil Analysis Laboratory, in Naviraí, which will speed up decision-making for cooperative members. The expectation is that Ibra's know-how will be passed on to the cooperative through training and structuring of equipment, “Thus, we hope, with this partnership, to have a good quality in the analyzes and also to have speed so that the cooperative member, through this speed of delivery of analyzes can make fertilizer purchasing decisions”, added the executive.

Distribution of leftovers

The plenary also deliberated on the allocation of surpluses from the year, which totaled R$ 129,98 million. The Board of Directors presented the proposal, which was also approved, with the amounts available to cooperative members being paid into their Capital Quota according to their operations with Copasul, in relation to the volume of grains and cassava sold and the acquisition of pesticides, fertilizers and seeds . According to the cooperative's bylaws, the share capital is returned to members and business owners on their anniversary date and according to the length of their association.

Administrative Council

The night was marked by gratitude for the dedication and services provided by the members of the 2021-2024 Board of Directors, composed of Gervasio Kamitani (president), Nelson Antonini (vice-president), Aguinaldo Miguel de Souza Junior, Alexander Lira, Edson Yukishigue Shingu, Garon Alves by Paula Rubim, Gerard Knibbe, Jair Alves de Araújo, Sebastiaan Simon Petrus Spekken.

After the tributes, the slate for the 2024-2027 Board of Directors was presented, composed of Gervasio Kamitani, Nelson Antonini, Aguinaldo Miguel de Souza Junior, Everaldo Jorge dos Reis, Garon Alves de Paula Rubim, Julio Junitiro Suekane, Luciano Pompílio Brescansin, Rosenilton Pereira de Assis and Sebastiaan Simon Petrus Spekken, being approved by the assembly.

“Copasul has grown a lot in the last ten years and we are here to contribute, work together with the executive board and bring the best opportunities to the cooperative member”, maintained Everaldo Reis.

Fiscal Council

The members of the 2023-2023 Fiscal Council, composed of Anna Maura Schulz Alonso Flores, Darlan Colli, Edno Nascimbeni, Mateus Aparecido Guiotti Franciscato, José Carlos Marchetti and Ricardo Michel Antonini, were also honored for their commitment to monitoring the cooperative's accounts throughout the year. last year.

The slate for the formation of the 2024-2025 Fiscal Council was then presented, composed of José Carlos Marchetti, Ricardo Michel Antonini, Antônio José Meireles Flores (Tuca), Claudinei Antigo, Roberto Yuiti Kaneko and Sérgio Luiz Guiotti Franciscato.

“Union to decide, cooperation to prosper”

One of the highlights of the 46th Ordinary General Assembly of Copasul was the vote on the Agenda, which consisted of nine items, all of which were approved by the plenary. Members participated using keypads, devices similar to a calculator that send each participant's choices to a central computer. The system replaces, for example, the act of raising cards of different colors to approve, disapprove or abstain from the agenda.

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