Coopercitrus holds digital agribusiness fair due to pandemic

The physical version of the traditional agribusiness fair gives way to Coopercitrus Expo Digital, which runs from 27 to 31/7

29.06.2020 | 20:59 (UTC -3)
Nayara CR Tavares Viana

"We are going to have the biggest and best digital agricultural fair." It is with this conviction that the CEO of Coopercitrus, Fernando Degobbi, announces the prospects for Coopercitrus Expo Digital 2020, an online reproduction of the cooperative's physical fair. The event takes place from July 27th to 31st in a 360° environment developed in 3D. Due to the high technology of the platform (recreation of the fair in computer graphics and high resolution), the visitor has the feeling of walking through the event. The fair has attractions such as commercial sales campaigns, virtual stands, lectures, debates, virtual dynamic demonstrations and chat rooms with experts on duty, among other activities. A pre-fair for cooperative members takes place from July 20th to 26th, to present the platform, launch commercial campaigns and start negotiations. The fair's business expectation is over R﹩ 800 million.

Visitors can easily access Coopercitrus Expo Digital via computer, cell phone or tablet, via website, without the need to download any application, having access to all environments, such as the input exhibitor pavilion, machinery and implement exhibition, rural shopping mall, technology arena, specialist lecture space and business area.

Degobbi highlights: "The platform will offer special financing rates and great promotions. In the case of members who do not have internet access, Coopercitrus' 64 business units will have monitors in presentation rooms, so that they can visit the entire fair, the biggest digital event in agriculture, a great challenge". The CEO also states: "To ensure everyone's well-being, services in stores will be at scheduled times, in spaces that follow safety and distancing protocols."

The goal is for everyone to have the experience of visiting a real fair. To this end, Coopercitrus places a team of more than 400 professionals at the disposal of members, to offer all support, from presenting the options menu to negotiations.

The Coopercitrus Expo digitalization process accelerates a trend, but will preserve the scope of the fair, with the best commercial conditions for producers to purchase products and services for agricultural activities. Coopercitrus's partner in holding the fair is Pixit, a company focused on digital technology and developer of the Pixit Expo platform, the solution for interactive virtual events with 360° viewing and navigation through environments developed in 3D.

Coopercitrus has 37 thousand members in São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Goiás. "We always work with integrated solutions and sustainable results. The most important thing is to deliver value to the producer", observes Degobbi.


Real trading - In addition to the unmissable prices, the cooperative producer will have lines of credit with interest rates below the market and the opportunity to negotiate through the barter system (exchange of grains and coffee for products and services).

exhibition area - Stands with 360° experience. There are 133 exhibitors, representing all segments of the agricultural production chain, in addition to special content in auditoriums and arenas.

Technology Arena - Live field demonstrations of solutions for fruit and vegetable management, the 'Integration Crop, Pasture, Forest' (ILPF) system and Precision Agriculture services available at Coopercitrus.

Country Women - Space dedicated to prominent women throughout the agricultural chain, with an approach, through lives, of strategic themes to dazzle a scenario that demonstrates female strength and talent in different areas of Brazilian agriculture.

Information and debates - Live presentations will also be present at the fair, with a team of specialists from the cooperative available for assistance and information, in addition to lectures with at least 100 renowned professionals involved.

Coopercitrus will offer a more comprehensive fair, with broad visibility and more business. Thus, it reinforces full support for the cooperative producer, offering creative solutions through cutting-edge technologies, promoting a differentiated experience so that the cooperative member can find the best opportunities.

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