Campo Digital from Coopercitrus brings agriculture 5.0 solutions to rural producers

Cooperative focused on offering full support to members during Agrishow 2024, providing guidance on the selection of appropriate technologies for each need

30.04.2024 | 14:11 (UTC -3)
José Piutti
DJI Agras T-50 Spray Drones; photo: publicity
DJI Agras T-50 Spray Drones; photo: publicity

In line with the innovative proposal of Agrishow 2024, the Rural Producers Cooperative (Coopercitrus) is participating in the event with its Campo Digital Ecosystem service, offering rural producers a complete immersion in Precision Agriculture and the most advanced technologies in the sector. Fernando Camarim, technology manager at Coopercitrus, highlights the comprehensive support for members and the focus on offering farmers a unique experience.

At the Coopercitrus stand, visitors will find all the precision agriculture solutions available at Campo Digital, with emphasis on the launches: 

● Xarvio Digital Farming Solutions, from BASF: leading digital agriculture platform that provides independent agronomic consultancy specific to the field zone. Based on an advanced crop modeling platform, Xarvio helps farmers produce more efficiently, sustainably and profitably; 

● Save Farm with artificial intelligence for selective spraying: uses high-resolution sensors and cameras to read the soil, identifying target plants and ensuring the application of pesticides where necessary. The technology allows savings of up to 95% in herbicides and increases operational efficiency. 

● DJI Agras T-50 Spray Drones: Equipped with a revolutionary dual coaxial rotor design, these drones can carry a spray payload of up to 40 kg and a dispersion payload of 50 kg (70 L). They have a dual atomized spray system, DJI Terra, active phased array radar and binocular vision, supporting various agricultural missions with maximum precision. 

● CHC NAV Electric Autopilot: this autopilot system offers simplified operation, ensuring quality and safety. It is an advanced solution for guiding agricultural machines, providing efficiency and adaptability to different types of agricultural machines.

The Coopercitrus Digital Field also has technology demonstration areas, allowing producers to manipulate the equipment, and spaces for meetings, facilitating discussions about business and projects. The cooperative's stand, located on Rua E3A and measuring 4.200 m², is the meeting point for members, bringing together the most modern and efficient features to boost rural producers' productivity and profitability. 

In addition to all Coopercitrus products and services, the stand brings together more than 50 global companies supplying agricultural inputs, chemical and biological pesticides, fertilizers, animal health and nutrition, machines, implements and precision agriculture technologies, in a complete ecosystem for boost rural producer productivity and profitability. 

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