Cooperatives in the Southern Region of RS grow 21,7% and earn more than R$ 1,17 billion in 2022

Remains determined show an increase of 11,4% and reach R$ 78,5 million

02.08.2023 | 16:04 (UTC -3)
Taís Dihl
Credit: Ocergs System/Disclosure
Credit: Ocergs System/Disclosure

The Ocergs System survey shows that cooperatives in the southern region of Rio Grande do Sul recorded growth of 21,7% and earned more than R$ 1,17 billion in 2022. The positive result is driven by the growth of the credit and agricultural sectors , which registered, respectively, an increase of 73,1% and 9,6%. The significant share in the revenue of cooperatives in the region is accounted for by the credit, agricultural and health sectors, which together account for 89,65%.

In 2022, the growth recorded in surpluses recorded by cooperatives in the southern region of the State was 11,4%, reaching the value of R$ 78,5 million. “The numbers confirm the relevance of cooperatives for the economic and social development of the region. Cooperatives in the southern region of the state employ 1.360 people and contribute to the local economy and income distribution for families”, highlights the president of Sistema Ocergs, Darci Hartmann.

Growth in the number of cooperative members

The number of cooperative members reached 86.290, with an increase of 6.044 new members, representing growth of 7,53%. This scenario is explained by the expansion of the membership of agricultural cooperatives in the region, which registered growth of 104,5%.

Expression of Gaucho Cooperativism 2023

In 2022, Rio Grande do Sul cooperatives recorded record revenues of R$81,9 billion, an increase of 14,9% compared to the previous period. The data that confirms the prominent position is part of the Expressão do Cooperativism Gaúcho 2023 report, released by the Ocergs System.

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