Coopa-DF holds AgroBrasília Digital in July

Through an online platform, AgroBrasília wants to continue connecting agricultural companies to producers, promoting business, research and the development of technology for the field

02.06.2020 | 20:59 (UTC -3)
Taynã Rodrigues

AgroBrasília is holding, from the 6th to the 10th of July, a digital week of technology, business and technical content, in order to provide rural producers with the best options for the next harvest. Machines, agricultural implements, inputs, vehicles, research, biotechnology, animal and plant genetics, family farming, in addition to technical programming, make up the schedule of the digital edition of the Fair, which can be accessed through an electronic and virtual platform, in a online, with comfort and all the necessary security.

During AgroBrasília Digital, exhibiting companies will present special conditions for purchase as always found at the physical event, such as prices and financing options. The presence of credit institutions at the digital event simplifies the producer's life. Promoting this simplification, and also the commitment to bringing technology and innovation to the field, moves AgroBrasília to look for alternatives to overcome the difficulties brought about by the covid-19 pandemic.

The president of the Fair, Ronaldo Triacca, invites producers to participate in AgroBrasília Digital. “It will be a free event, which will bring, in addition to well-known exhibitors, lives with agribusiness personalities and virtual lectures with experts. We also pay attention to the Fair period, in time to provide rural entrepreneurs with opportunities for planning and technical preparation for the next harvest.”

Due to the pandemic, the physical Fair had to be canceled in 2020, but food production must continue, due to its essentiality for society. The region covered by AgroBrasília, the Central Plateau, is highly technological, requiring constant investment by producers in technology and innovation in order to maintain the high quality and productivity of local agriculture and livestock.

The president of the Agricultural Cooperative of the Federal District Region (Coopa-DF), which promotes AgroBrasília, José Guilherme Brenner, states that, among the objectives of the Fair, is to build the connection between producers in the region, who consume a lot of technology, with the companies that develop and sell these technologies. “This year, as it was not possible to do this the traditional way, we innovated and built the digital alternative”, he explains.

The Fair is also supported by the Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Federal District (Seagri-DF), the Technical Assistance and Rural Extension Company of the Federal District (Emater-DF) and the Supply Centers of the Federal District (Ceasa -DF).

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