Conab points out a drop in vegetables and an increase in fruits

Data refer to quotations in Ceasas across the country in the month of August

25.09.2023 | 10:23 (UTC -3)
Cultivate, with Conab information

A Conab survey indicates that, in August, there was a drop in prices for most of the vegetables analyzed: lettuce, potatoes, onions, carrots and tomatoes.

Potatoes were the cheapest, with a unanimous price drop across all Ceasas. The weighted average decreased 25,35% compared to July. The drop percentages were more pronounced in the Ceasas of Rio Branco (-21,21%) and Rio de Janeiro (-19,11%). The reason would be the intensification of the winter harvest, which kept supply at high levels. For the fourth time in the year, the quantity sold in the eleven centers considered exceeded the 100 thousand tons mark, remaining 1,2% above the July total.

Lettuce also followed the list of most accessible, showing a declining trend for the third consecutive month. In August, the weighted average fell 19,61% compared to July. Sales rose 9% in the same period. In most Ceasas, it was positioned above that recorded in the previous month. Only in the Rio Branco, Fortaleza and Belo Horizonte plants did lettuce movement decrease. It should be noted that in June and July the supply of this product in the wholesale markets analyzed was the lowest of the year and the recovery in August is linked to higher temperatures in almost the entire country.

Carrots, onions and tomatoes, although with lower rates, also decreased in the weighted average by -7,97%, -6,56% and -2,56%, respectively. In the case of carrots, a preponderant factor for the unanimous price drop was the good performance of all producing areas, not putting pressure on Minas Gerais supply, the main supplier of Ceasas.

Onions also had a large supply at Ceasas, which justified the lower prices. As for tomatoes, although there was also a decline, this was not uniform, due to variations in local supply, resulting in a decreasing movement within the month in the first fortnight and an upward movement in the second. Temperature variations, delaying or accelerating maturation and, consequently, causing a decrease and increase in supply, explain the fluctuating prices.

Fruits on the rise

Contrary to the prices for the month of July, fruits rose in the month of August in the Ceasas analyzed, especially bananas, oranges, apples and papayas. Watermelon was the only fruit analyzed that showed a drop in the weighted average. Bananas had the biggest fluctuation (13,92%), with emphasis on the Ceasas of Curitiba and Goiânia, where the product costs R$ 3,24 and R$ 4,85 per kilo, respectively.

For apples, with the dynamics influenced by the supply control of grading companies and the gradual reduction in stocks, the main explanation for the increase in prices despite greater supply was the increase in demand with the end of the holidays and high temperatures.

Orange sales and demand for the fresh product increased, both wholesale and retail and, with greater intensity, from the milling industry. Orange prices for the industry reached record levels due to good demand.

Papaya showed stable values ​​and increased sales in Ceasas, notably due to the greater supply of papaya, with several lots having lower quality as they were still green.

Watermelon, on the other hand, registered a drop in prices, an increase in sales in most Ceasas and consistent demand in the month, with the Goiás region of Ceres and the Tocantins region of Rio Formoso being the main places supplying Ceasas, with crops endowed with good profitability and productivity. In September, the supply from Tocantins will decline and will be replaced in October by watermelon from São Paulo.

Regarding total fruit exports, in the first eight months of 2023, the total volume sent abroad was 596 thousand tons, 5,82% higher than in the same period of time in the previous year, and revenue was U $S681 million, up 18,8% compared to the same period last year. The main fruits exported were lemons and limes, melons, mangoes, bananas and watermelons.

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