CNA debates challenges of mechanized harvesting in citrus crops

Entity participated in the meeting of the Citriculture Sectoral Chamber

28.02.2023 | 17:18 (UTC -3)

The Brazilian Agriculture and Livestock Confederation (CNA) participated, this Tuesday (28/02), in the meeting of the Citrus Production Chain Sector Chamber to discuss, among other topics, the challenges of mechanized harvesting in citrus crops.

The meeting was attended by representatives from the productive sector, industry, the Ministry of Agriculture and research institutions.

CNA's technical advisor, Letícia Barony, stated that citrus farming has a high demand for labor, especially during harvesting, which ends up becoming a constantly challenging scenario for the producer.

According to her, some monitoring carried out with implements for orange harvesting, efficiency and the need to adapt plantations were presented at the meeting.

During the meeting, monitoring of the occurrence of greening was also discussed, and the importance of effective control of the disease, which is expanding in growing regions, such as the Northwest of São Paulo. Researchers report that outbreaks begin mainly in non-commercial orchards or in unmonitored areas, which leads to the spread of the disease.

At the meeting, some studies focused on the evaluation of biological control agents and the interaction with various pests, such as insects and diseases, were also presented. Research has also evaluated the conditions for improving control efficiency.

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