China opens market for peanuts from Brazil

The Chinese government granted authorization to 47 Brazilian companies

23.09.2022 | 13:58 (UTC -3)
The Chinese government granted authorization to 47 Brazilian companies. - Photo: Disclosure Mapa
The Chinese government granted authorization to 47 Brazilian companies. - Photo: Disclosure Mapa

In a meeting with technical teams from Mapa this week, the General Administration of Customs of China (GACC) confirmed the completion of all technical steps necessary for Brazilian peanut exports.

GACC granted authorization to 47 Brazilian companies in the peanut sector. The opening for exports has been in effect since yesterday (September 22). The companies were authorized by the Department of Inspection of Products of Plant Origin of the Secretariat of Agricultural Defense of Mapa.

The largest consumer of peanuts in the world, China imports more than USD 800 million worth of peanuts annually. From January to May 2022, there were 248.150.853 kilos of the product. Brazil has all the conditions to achieve a good share of these exports, expanding its sales list to China.

The opening of the Chinese market for Brazilian peanuts is part of a package of advances achieved in bilateral negotiations this year, possibly the most important in more than a decade. 

"This shows that our second crop, which is peanuts, sesame and sorghum, is starting to have space in our exports", highlights the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa), Marcos Montes, adding that the opening of the The new market will provide an increase in product exports, generating jobs and income in Brazil. 

In addition to peanuts, negotiations for sesame and sorghum exports are expected to be finalized this year. Negotiations were also concluded for exports of soybean bran and protein, as well as citrus pulp, which can be exported within a few weeks. Mapa is also working to authorize, soon, the sales of grapes to the Chinese market, as well as poultry and pork meal.

Peanuts in Brazil

According to data from the Brazilian Association of the Chocolate, Peanut and Candy Industry (Abicab), obtained through ComexStat, in 2021, Brazil exported the equivalent of US$330,5 million of the product (256,6 thousand tons). Brazilian exports are mainly destined for countries in the European bloc.

To ensure that the peanuts produced, whether for export or the domestic market, are safe and suitable for consumption, Mapa carries out periodic audits at companies.

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