Cesb announces addition of new specialists to its membership

Barbara Sentelhas and Renato Seraphim join the board made up of big names in national soybean farming

02.04.2024 | 13:38 (UTC -3)
Rodrigo Capella
Photo: Disclosure
Photo: Disclosure

With the aim of intensifying operations in important areas for national soybean farming, such as climatology and technology, the Soja Brasil Strategic Committee has just announced the entry of the agronomist engineer Barbara Sentelhas (right), agrometeorologist CEO of Agrymet, and agronomist engineer Renato Seraphim (on the left), CEO of Ciarama Máquinas Agrícolas, among its effective members.

Bárbara highlights that her arrival on the committee is very significant, both in professional and personal aspects. "It's an honor to be part of such a renowned group that makes up Cesb's current board. Occupying the chair that belonged to my father is a source of great pride and certainly a milestone in my career", she emphasizes. 

According to Seraphim, Cesb is the largest platform for disseminating knowledge and good practices about soy in Brazil, and its entry into the Committee is a special moment. "I was one of the creators and creators of Cesb. My arrival is, therefore, a kind of recognition of the legacy", he highlights. 

Contributions to Cesb  

Bárbara hopes to contribute to Cesb, especially with regard to climate conditions. "The idea is to explore in more depth the impact of climate on soybean productivity, in addition to helping to understand strategies for mitigating climate risks, as a result of extreme events and climate change", she says, who also hopes to contribute to publicizing the work carried out by the committee so that more people know about and want to participate in the initiative. 

Seraphim believes that we will go through a period of greater need to rationalize costs and investments in soybean farming in Brazil. "I am sure that technology will help us in this new phase. We will strengthen the dissemination of these technologies and help farmers to be more efficient, more profitable and more sustainable", he concludes. 

Bárbara Faria Sentelhas is an Agricultural Engineer from Esalq/USP (2016), Specialist in Business Management and Entrepreneurship, CEO of Agrymet and Co-founder of Agrymetric.

Renato Cesar Seraphim is an Agricultural Engineer, graduated from Unesp Jaboticabal (SP), postgraduate in Marketing from FGV and has several specializations in agribusiness. He is currently CEO of Ciarama Máquinas John Deere.

Cesb is made up of 19 expert members and 23 sponsoring organizations that believe in and contribute to the sustainable advancement of the highest levels of soybean productivity in Brazil, they are: BASF, Bayer, Syngenta, Jacto, Alltech, Atto Sementes, Bioma, Brasmax , Corteva, Eurochem FTO, Ferticel, ICL, Koppert, Mosaic, Stoller, Sumitomo Chemicals, Timac Agro, TMF, Ubyfol, UPL, Yara, Elevagro and IBRA. 

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