Castrolanda opens Seed Distribution Center on the PR-151 highway

The new center has the capacity to store up to 550 thousand bags of seeds and a shipping rate that can reach 6 thousand tons per week

09.07.2024 | 14:36 (UTC -3)
Photo: Disclosure
Photo: Disclosure

Cooperativa Castrolanda recently inaugurated the new Seed Distribution Center (CD), located on the banks of the PR-151 highway, between the municipalities of Castro (PR) and Piraí do Sul (PR). With the new space, the Sementes Castrolanda brand aims to not only optimize its logistics processes, but also increase the level of customer satisfaction through unprecedented agility. 

The new seed CD began operating in February 2024, with the storage of the first batches of soybeans. Expedition operations began in July and should last until December, centralizing all activities on site to meet the 24/25 summer harvest. "Our objective is to ensure that the seeds reach our customers quickly, especially during the critical harvest period", highlights Rodrigo Hilbert, manager of Sementes da Castrolanda. 

The new center has the capacity to store up to 550 bags of seeds and a shipping rate that can reach 6 tons per week. The unit is equipped with a seed repackaging line by number, security and rapid movement systems, as well as a flow scale for weighing trucks.  

The space also has a 24-hour concierge and seven shipping docks, allowing trucks to be loaded simultaneously. "These investments allow us to operate with high efficiency, guaranteeing the quality and safety of our logistics process", highlights Hilbert. 

The new CD was designed to grow together with the Sementes Business. The current structure can be folded as demand increases, and there is enough space for truck maneuvers and overnight parking.  

Investments in industrial seed treatment lines are also planned for this year. In the future, the unit should also receive the installation of cranes and a new refrigerated warehouse to guarantee the maintenance of high quality in more sensitive cultivars. “We are committed to innovation and continuous improvement. Our focus is to maximize the use of available space and elevate,” states Hilbert. 

According to Hilbert, the brand has a well-defined expectation for 2024: to evolve in customer service, prioritizing agility in delivery. The business strategy is centered on the quality and efficiency of services, logistics and the ability to meet all demands.  

"We invested in structuring the new unit with total focus on process agility. Every detail was thought out so that we can quickly meet market demands, delivering large volumes in a short space of time", explains Hilbert. 

The new CD project was developed based on the Lean model, allowing processes to operate independently and quickly. From the truck parking lot to the loading docks, everything has been redesigned to ensure a continuous and efficient flow.  

The expectation is to reduce the time it takes to board a truck by 30%, increasing daily shipping capacity. "The reformulation of the industrial layout allows each step of the process to be carried out without interference, which gives us a competitive advantage in terms of speed and efficiency", says the manager. 

In addition to logistical improvements, the new unit offers a structure for drivers, with rest areas and services. The objective is to provide a positive experience not only for customers, but also for professionals who are part of the distribution chain. 

Strategic location 

Located on the banks of the PR-151 highway, on the stretch that connects Piraí do Sul to Castro, the new CD has a strategic location for distribution logistics. This highway is an important transport axis, connecting to other main roads such as BR-376 and BR-373, facilitating access to the main regions of Paraná and the state of São Paulo.  

"Our location allows efficient distribution to cities such as Ponta Grossa, Cascavel, Guarapuava, Maringá and Londrina, which are key centers for the commercialization of our seeds", details Hilbert. 

Marketing by number 

From 2024, Castrolanda will start selling seeds by number, changing the process that until then was done by weight. All production will be centralized in big bags of 5 million soybean seeds, in line with market demands. “This change reflects our commitment to meeting market needs in a precise and aligned manner,” concludes Hilbert. 

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