Budget for subsidy of socio-biodiversity products reaches R$50 million in 2023

The value was announced by the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Family Farming (MDA) during the launch ceremony of the Family Farming Harvest Plan 2023/24

28.06.2023 | 15:30 (UTC -3)

Extractivists across the country will be able to count on R$50 million to support the commercialization of their products. The amount was announced by the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Family Farming (MDA) this Wednesday (28) during the launch ceremony of the Family Farming Harvest Plan 2023/24. The resource will be allocated to the National Supply Company (Conab), through a Decentralized Execution Term (TED), for the operations of the Minimum Price Guarantee Policy for Sociobiodiversity Products (PGPMBio) which aims to guarantee the established minimum price by the federal government to 17 extractive products.

“This is a government effort to strengthen traditional peoples and communities that live off the resources that come from socio-biodiversity products, and at the same time help in the task of preserving the environment. In general, these populations live with the bare minimum, often in a vulnerable situation. It is the federal government acting to guarantee, at least, a fair price for extractive production”, highlights the president of Conab, Edegar Pretto.

Another novelty is that this year the sum of subsidies per beneficiary will increase and will be R$ 15 thousand per year. However, each subsidized product allows a specific limit that can be consulted in Conab Operations Manual nº 35. The document also contains the minimum values ​​established for the 2023 harvest, in addition to the list of products covered by the Policy.

The minimum prices for extractive products for the 2023 harvest were updated through the Ordinance of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply No. 534, published at the end of last year. The new values ​​are set by the National Monetary Council (CMN), in accordance with the proposal sent by the National Supply Company (Conab) to Mapa.

The following can access PGPMBio: family farmers, extractivists, agroextractivists, foresters, agrarian reform settlers, aquaculturists, artisanal fishermen, indigenous people, members of remaining quilombola communities, faxinais, babassu coconut breakers and other traditional peoples and communities.

To receive the price supplement, extractivists or their cooperatives must register with Sican (National Registration System for Rural Producers, Public of PAA/PGPMBio, Cooperatives, Associations and Other Agents), via the Company's website, and send it to Conab of your state: the invoice, copies of the CPF and ID and the grant request.

The Policy offers subsidies to 17 extractive products whenever production is proven to be sold at values ​​below the minimum defined by the federal government. The policy aims to strengthen and socioeconomic development of traditional peoples and communities, the permanence of man in the forest and the guarantee of income, in addition to conservation, preservation and sustainable use of natural resources. Currently, the products supported by PGPMBio are: açaí, andiroba, babaçu, baru, natural rubber, buriti, cocoa, Brazil nuts, juçara, macaúba, mangaba, murumuru, pequi, piaçava, pine nuts, umbu and pirarucu.

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