Bioceres announces annual financial results

EBITDA reached US$61,9 million, an increase of 24% over the previous fiscal year

10.09.2022 | 10:06 (UTC -3)
André Guerra; Cultivate edition
Enrique López Lecube and Federico Trucco
Enrique López Lecube and Federico Trucco

Bioceres announced the financial results for its fourth fiscal quarter, ended June 30. The amounts were expressed in US dollars and are presented in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards.

Gross profit for the fiscal year reached US$136,9 million, an increase of 45%. EBITDA reached US$61,9 million, an increase of 24% over the previous fiscal year.

In addition to the profits, the completed harvest brought two new soybean varieties for commercial launch. They should be offered in Brazil in 2023/24.

"This is an incredible end to an incredible year, not only reflected in our financial record setting, but also in terms of obtaining regulatory gatekeeping authorizations, i.e. feed & food approvals for HB4 Wheat in Brazil and for HB4 Soy in China We are for the first time reporting revenues associated with HB4 technology, resulting from the only crop in which we face the greatest skepticism: HB4 WHEAT”, says Federico Trucco, executive director of Bioceres.

He continues: “Furthermore, as we look to FY23 and beyond, we are invigorated by the opportunities that lie ahead. Shortly after the quarters ended and less than four months since the announcement, we have successfully merged with Marrone Bio Innovations.”

"We continued our excellent performance during the fourth quarter, ending our fiscal year on a high note. We delivered 62% annual growth with our initial HB4 revenues of $12,4 million. As we move into the new fiscal year, We are focused on solidifying and growing from this new revenue base with financial and strategic resources to deliver greater value to our shareholders”, comments Enrique López Lecube, financial director of Bioceres.

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