Baldan begins Field Day to present equipment in 15 cities across the country

Baldan Raízes Brasil aims to present agricultural solutions focused on spraying and planting, in addition to seeking integration with agricultural producers in seven Brazilian states

11.09.2023 | 14:21 (UTC -3)
Victor Kaid, Cultivar edition

Baldan Implementos Agrícolas S/A will begin, this Tuesday (12), the Baldan Raízes Brasil journey: a series of 15 Field Day events, which will aim to present cutting-edge equipment produced by the company, strengthening the relationship and business opportunities with agricultural producers and other stakeholders related to Brazilian agribusiness.

With operations throughout the national territory and exports to more than 80 countries, in addition to a portfolio that involves 200 products that meet the needs of the most different agricultural crops spread throughout Brazil – soybeans, corn, wheat and livestock, for example –, Baldan will present to producers the details of the operation and the advantages offered by Avola and Agiflex, solutions focused on spraying and planting. Up to 100 producers are expected at each of the 15 events on the calendar.

The first stop will be in the municipality of Barracão (RS), which is 262 kilometers from Porto Alegre. The event will have a reception structure, an area for demonstrating the machines and spaces for sponsors and lectures. Baldan Raízes Brasil will tour seven states: Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná, Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Goiás, Mato Grosso and Rondônia. The last stage will take place at the end of November.

“Presenting the products and the added value proposal offered by Baldan to the agricultural production ecosystem in strategic regions of the country is fundamental to contributing to the strength of Brazilian agribusiness, one of the most consistent engines of the country's economy”, says Fabiano Leite, manager Baldan's marketing department.

Baldan is accompanied by strategic partners in carrying out the circuit of 15 events that will cross the national territory, strengthening the relationship with Brazilian agricultural producers. Responsible for transporting the equipment that will be taken to four of the five regions of Brazil (South, Southeast, Central-West and North), Transportes Stumpf is a key player in facilitating the immense logistical challenge of Baldan Raízes Brasil.

“It is a great pleasure to participate in the Baldan Raízes Brasil project, carried out by a 95-year-old company that is a reference in its sector. We have been transporting Baldan's agricultural machinery and implements for 37 years and it is an honor to participate in a great innovation project that will contribute to the prosperity of new businesses”, declares Marcos Stumpf, CEO of Transportes Stumpf, which is based in the municipality of Montenegro, Rio Grande do Sul. .

Bosch, Baldan's technological partner in the development of products such as Avola and Agiflex, is an official sponsor of Baldan Raízes Brasil. “Being part of this moment provided by Baldan is essential to reinforce our partnership and the strength of our products. From Field Day onwards, producers will be able to understand why Agiflex and Bosch IPS deliver better plantability in the field”, says Rodrigo Lima, Commercial Manager at Bosch Agro.

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