Baldan promotes rural events throughout Brazil and has a return of 5 times the amount invested

A cycle of 14 events toured Brazil in recent months, bringing together around 1500 producers

01.12.2023 | 14:33 (UTC -3)
Luiz Antonio Dos Santos

Baldan Implementos Agrícolas S.A., a traditional company, founded 95 years ago in Matão, considers the results obtained with the series of 14 events that it held in recent months in 7 states in Brazil, Baldan Raízes Brasil, to be positive and encouraging. “We brought together around 1.500 producers and the return was 5 times greater than the investment”, celebrates marketing manager, Fabiano Leite. 

The Baldan Raízes model intended to give a new concept and look to the traditional 'field days', demonstration events common in agribusiness companies that work directly with rural producers. Fabiano estimates that 120 professionals were involved in the assembly, disassembly and transportation stages of the structure, from Rio Grande do Sul to the last stage, in Cerejeiras-RO. “It was 5 kilometers traveled”, he calculates.

As part of Baldan's marketing strategy, the events focused not only on demonstrating equipment and implements but also on disseminating technical knowledge to producers. Specialists in planting and spraying were invited to give lectures and serve producers in Baldan Raízes. 

Another Baldan executive who is thrilled with the results is Hugo Pinotti, commercial director. “We showed a new Baldan, with planters, sprayers and implements for soil preparation with onboard technology. Several units were sold.” 

The offer of credit contributed to sales results at events. This is how Ronaldo Pereira, director of the reseller Maquiparts, in Campo Verde-MT, thinks. The Baldan partner highlighted that the presence of Baldan credit professionals with compatible offers for purchasing equipment impressed him as this procedure is not common on field days. 

On the other hand, the rural producer from Caturaí-GO, Alberto Anahuki felt exactly the approach that Baldan has sought with the producer in recent years, with investment in people, structure and guidelines for innovation. “They are very efficient equipment and Baldan is very close to the rural producer”, he observed.

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