Baldan presents sustainable solutions at Andav 2023 Congress

The company will be one of the 160 companies exhibiting at the event, which takes place from July 08th to 10th in São Paulo

04.08.2023 | 13:27 (UTC -3)
Ana Cândida Tofeti
Celso Ruiz, CEO of Baldan
Celso Ruiz, CEO of Baldan

Baldan will be present at the Andav 2023 Congress, the main meeting on the distribution of agricultural inputs, which will be held between the 8th and 10th of August at the Transamerica Expo Center, in São Paulo.

With a comprehensive program, the Andav 2023 Congress plenary will debate the theme “Brazilian Agroeconomy: a look at the future” in around fifteen content events including panels, lectures, forum and talk show, which will feature the participation of more than 40 specialists from the agro, economics, finance, law, marketing and communication sectors, for an audience made up of government authorities, CEOs, company owners and directors, presidents and representatives of sectoral entities, academic professors and doctors, economists, lawyers, journalists and rural producers.

This year and for the first time, the event will have an international panel, with the participation of executives from different countries to present the global panorama of the agricultural inputs distribution market. The panel “The global scenario of input distribution”, on the first day of the event, will bring together Alberto Yoshida, Andav Advisor Director; Daniel Quiñonez, CEO Ansa Sapi, from Mexico; Daren Coppock; President & CEO Agricultural Retailers Association, United States; and Johan Nienaber, Inteligro Regional Director, from South Africa, who will present the dynamics of this sector around the world.

Furthermore, the father of modern marketing, Philip Kotler, will make a remote appearance with the theme “Marketing 5.0: Adding value to distribution”, during which he will comment on the process, new tools, strategies and technologies used to delight customers.

Baldan will be one of the 160 brands that will be at the event and will highlight its solutions, products and technologies that offer productivity and efficiency to farmers, such as the DCF-CO Fertilizer, Limestone, Fertilizer and Organic Compound Distributor, which has a 80 cm, reinforced structure and drive via cardan or hydraulic motor to meet distribution needs with low cost and long useful life, and Fertiliza, variable rate fertilizer distributor for applying soil improvers by broadcast, pre-planting or even distribution of seeds for soil coverage.

“Our specialized team will be at the stand to explain how our solutions add sustainability, input savings and quality to food production. Supporting and participating in this event is extremely important, as we are aligned with sustainable practices and ESG actions that permeate national agribusiness and our continuous improvement and innovation processes”, highlights Celso Ruiz, CEO of Baldan.

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