Baldan presents products for all phases of agricultural production at Coopercitrus Expo 2023

Partnership will offer special conditions for purchasing SCB-CR, GSPCR-E, NVF-T, RDD-E, DFC-12000, Liri, Demetra, PNA, GT, Condure and other products

19.07.2023 | 16:16 (UTC -3)
Ana Cândida Tofeti
Raul Capparelli, Commercial Manager at Baldan
Raul Capparelli, Commercial Manager at Baldan

Between the 24th and 28th of July, Baldan will participate in Coopercitrus Expo 2023 – A Casa do Cooperado, in Bebedouro (SP), which will present the latest innovations in technologies to generate efficiency and profitability for rural producers, bringing together business opportunities, information and innovations.

During the event, visitors will have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of solutions to boost their agricultural productions, and Baldan will bring dedicated products for all phases, from soil preparation and cultivation, protection and fertilization, sowing and planting to movement and construction.

Aimed at preparation and cultivation, the SCB-CR sugarcane subsoiler, the GSPCR-E harrow and the NVF-T tubular floating leveling harrow will be on display at the Baldan stand; for protection and fertilization, the RDD-E direct double hydraulic brush cutter, the DFC-12000 limestone and fertilizer distributor and the Liri sprayer; the Demetra planter for sowing and planting; and to move and build, the PNA agricultural leveling planer, the GT winch and the Condure trailer.

According to Raul Capparelli, Commercial Manager at Baldan, the partnership between the company and Coopercitrus has been going on for a long time. “Baldan supports cooperativism and is present at all Coopercitrus events, always with launches, new equipment concepts and special purchase conditions for members. Our partnership is so strong that we will have a direct contact from Coopercitrus at our stand to provide all the necessary information, such as price, stock and delivery time, to speed up the purchase process, that is, the member will have all the support to close an excellent business”, he says.


For Coopercitrus Expo 2023, Baldan will highlight the DFC-12000 limestone and fertilizer distributor, which has a deposit with a capacity of 7 m³, and features an unprecedented distribution technology patented by Baldan - a stepped "V"-shaped belt -, allowing low distribution dosages in a homogeneous and uninterrupted flow of the material. Another new feature is the adjustable belt width, 40 or 80 cm, which makes it possible to use it at low or high distribution rates, bringing greater versatility to the farmer and can be used with granulated fertilizer (NPK), soil improvers (limestone, gypsum and others) and various organic compounds.

The distributor is available in two basic versions: variable rate or fixed rate. In the variable rate system, control is carried out by two hydraulic motors, one for the conveyor belt and the other for the launching plates, ensuring greater agility in adjustments and greater precision in distribution, achieving excellent coefficient of variation values. In the fixed rate system, both the conveyor belt and the launch plates are moved by a single hydraulic motor, which has a built-in tachometer for quick adjustment of the working speed.

For protection and fertilization, the highlight is the Liri, a boom sprayer with hydraulic coupling, which performs uniform spraying, with efficiency and agility in application, and is available in three models with reservoirs of 600, 800 and 1.000 liters and bars of 14. 16, 18 and 20 meters long, and versions with pump for spraying with flow rates of 75 and 100 liters per minute.

The Liri's difference lies in the bars made with lightweight, highly resistant materials and opening with gears and chain, which guarantees greater durability to the product. It also has a pantographic bar chart system, which allows you to monitor changes in the terrain automatically, even in irregular areas, and features four-way control, which can be hydraulic or electro-hydraulic.

For sowing and planting, members can count on the Demetra planter, which stands out for its robustness and for being developed for direct planting on sugarcane straw during crop rotation, when the producer has the option of working during the sugarcane off-season with other crops, such as soybeans, for example, without the need to prepare the soil. Another strong point of Demetra is offering all seed and fertilizer distribution settings through the Speed ​​Box.

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