Association of Inoculant Producers and Importers launches new identity focusing on bioinputs

Now called Anpii Bio, the entity expands its operations to cover all biologicals used in agriculture

08.07.2024 | 14:25 (UTC -3)
Letícia Rodrigues, edition of Cultivar Magazine
Photo: Disclosure
Photo: Disclosure

The National Association of Inoculant Producers and Importers (Anpii) is undergoing a significant transformation to align with the “Biologicals Revolution” in agriculture. Now called Anpii Bio - National Association for the Promotion and Innovation of the Biological Industry, the entity is expanding its operations to cover all biological products used in agriculture. This rebranding reflects the growth of the association, which went from 8 members in 2022 to 29 in 2024. 

Furthermore, the announcement of the new brand represents a significant milestone for the bioinputs market, which is currently estimated at more than 6 billion reais - 80% of which in biodefenses and 20% in bioinoculants. Together, these segments are forecast to grow 16,6% per year in treated area in Brazil until the 2027/28 harvest, representing the segment with the highest projected growth in the input sector. 

“The brand change was announced during the annual Ordinary General Assembly, held in Londrina (PR) last June, reflecting a need to modernize and expand the scope of Anpii, which is the first biological association in Brazil. With the growing demand for bioinputs and technological evolution in the agricultural sector, the entity realized the need to reposition itself to better represent the diversity of biological products and solutions that are transforming agriculture. The rebranding to Anpii Bio symbolizes this new phase of growth and innovation, positioning the entity as a representative leader in a rapidly expanding market”, explains Larissa Simon (in the photo), Director of Operations at Anpii Bio. 

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Photo: Disclosure
Photo: Disclosure

The launch of the new visual identity and name – Anpii Bio – reflects the expansion of the entity's scope of action to include all biological products used in agriculture, which began in the first half of this year. This change marks the beginning of a new phase, with robust investments in sectoral representation, promotion of biological technologies, continuous research and innovation and dissemination of knowledge about biologicals, requiring an entity like Anpii Bio to guarantee representation, innovation and sustainable growth to the sector. 

During the event, members also approved a more modern and objective statute, which guarantees the structure of the entity for the growth and expansion of the rights of member companies and the bioinputs market as a whole. Among the innovations, the clear definition of the entity's new structure stands out, now divided between the Executive team and the Board, allowing the Executive to work on the operation while the board focuses on monitoring and final decisions. The implementation of specialized legal support in tax and fiscal areas was also approved, providing more security and guidance to members.

On that occasion, the members also formalized the entity's strategic planning until 2026, with growth targets and increased representation of the biological inoculants and biodefensive sector for the coming years. In all scenarios, the goal is growth. 

"Our objective is to enable companies to innovate with excellence. By joining Anpii Bio, companies assume a leading role in regulatory and scientific issues, leading the advancement of the biological sector in Brazil. We want to ensure that our associates have the best conditions to develop cutting-edge biological technologies, promoting sustainability and efficiency in agriculture," concludes Larissa Simon. 

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