ANTT approves tariff review of BR-163/MT

Values ​​remain unchanged until the next review in September

05.07.2023 | 14:18 (UTC -3)
National Land Transportation Agency

The National Land Transport Agency (ANTT) published on Tuesday (4/7), through the Deliberation No. 200/2023, the approval of the 7th Ordinary Revision, the 10th Extraordinary Revision and the Adjustment of the Basic Toll Tariff (TBP) applicable to the granted section of BR-163/MT, in Mato Grosso. 

The analyzes were carried out by ANTT's technical area in the period prior to the assumption of controlling interest in Concessionária Rota do Oeste S.A. (CRO) by MT PAR, in May this year. 

In compliance with the provisions of the Conduct Adjustment Term (TAC), which establishes obligations after the transfer of shareholding control of the concessionaire to MT PAR, ANTT decides to maintain the previous tariff level at the P1 toll plazas, in Itiquira/MT, P2, in Rondonópolis/MT, P3, in Campo Verde/Santo Antônio de Leverger/MT, P4, in Cuiabá/Santo Antônio de Leverger/MT, P5, in Acorizal/MT, P6, in Diamantino/MT, P7, in Nova Mutum/MT, P8, in Lucas do Rio Verde/MT, P9, in Sorriso/MT, until the approval of the 8th Ordinary Review, when the effects of the 7th Ordinary Review, 10th Extraordinary Review and Adjustment of the Basic Toll Tariff will be considered ( TBP).

Effects of the review will only be implemented in the next tariff review, scheduled for September. Current rates will be maintained at toll plazas.

To learn more about the Term and Conduct Adjustment (TAC), click here.

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