Agrodefesa updates the occurrence list of black spot in Goiás

Pest caused by the fungus "Guignardia citricarpa" multiplies in fruits, leaves and branches causing damage to citrus growers

09.03.2023 | 16:36 (UTC -3)
Agrodefense, Cultivar edition

The Goiana Agricultural Defense Agency (Agrodefesa) updated the list of municipalities with the occurrence of citrus black spot, a pest that affects orchards, affecting all parts of the plant, and can cause a lot of damage, mainly due to the reduction in the commercial value of the fruits, which remain with undesirable aspects for consumption.

The measure meets the requirement established in Federal Normative Instruction No. 01/2009, which determines state plant health defense bodies to publicize areas with the occurrence of the quarantine known as black spot (Guignardia citricarpa) in all units of the Federation. In Goiás, the pest is currently present in 34 municipalities, in the main citrus producing regions.

According to the president of Agrodefesa, José Essado, black spot was found in seven more municipalities in the state.

Updated list of municipalities with occurrence of black spot: Abadiânia; Annapolis; Aporé; Bela Vista de Goiás; Bonfinópolis; Caldas Novas; Caldazinha; Countryside; Campo Alegre de Goiás; Campo Limpo de Goiás; Catalan; Caturaí; Chrominia; Flores de Goiás; Goianápolis; Hidrolândia; Inaciolândia; Inhumas; Itaberaí; Itajá; Itauçu; Jataí; Leopoldo de Bulhões; Marzagão; Morrinhos; Neropolis; Palmeiras de Goiás; Piracanjuba; Pirenópolis; Pontalina; Green River; Serranópolis; Teresópolis de Goiás; Trinity.

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