Agrishow 2024: Mosaic Fertilizers presents biological solutions from the recently launched Mosaic Biosciences Brasil

Products with high technological efficiency are the company's highlights at the event

30.04.2024 | 10:17 (UTC -3)
Diego Pessôa, Cultivar Magazine edition

During the 29th edition of Agrishow, which runs until May 3 in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo (SP), Mosaic Fertilizers, one of the main global producers of combined phosphates and potassium, presents biological solutions from the recently launched Mosaic Biosciences Brasil. Another highlight of the company at the event is Performa Bio, a mineral fertilizer that guarantees greater efficiency in plant nutrition.

Launched by Mosaic Company in August 2023 in the United States, Mosaic Biosciences arrives in Brazil with the aim of offering the most innovative in plant nutrition and soil quality for the agricultural market. Its products are focused on bionutrition, including inoculants, biostimulants and biofertilizers. They act to activate the potential between soil, plant and microbiome, aiming to improve soil health and increase crop productivity. The portfolio is divided into three main pillars: water stress management, nutrient use efficiency and leaf activation management.

Eduardo Monteiro (in the video), country manager at Mosaic Fertilizers, highlights that there is great acceptance by Brazilian producers of the entry of new biological technologies into the market, which demonstrates a promising future for the sector. "We are talking about a market that, last year, had revenues of R$ 3,9 billion, and we estimate that in four years this number will be R$ 6,4 billion, RS 6,5 billion. Within this context, we launched the platform in Brazil, with four products. And the main idea within the biological concept is to work with the concept of bionutrition", he explains. 

"We want to work with those new disruptive technologies. And that's why we've been investing a lot in research and development. Brazil is going through an interesting moment, which is the discussion of the Regulatory Framework. We are following this very closely, as this will be the determining factor so that we can bring the technologies we are developing abroad and offer Brazilian producers access to this in a combined strategy, where we will place our fertilizers combining nutrition with bionutrition", adds Monteiro. 

Performa Bio 

Featured at Agrishow, Performa Bio is a fertilizer that promises to guarantee even more efficiency in fertilization. With maximum use of nutrients and better crop development, the solution contributes to balanced plant nutrition, resulting in higher levels of productivity. 

“With a triple action model, Performa Bio nourishes, balances and strengthens crops, contributing to more balanced plants that are tolerant to environmental interference. This fertilizer promotes high operational yield, in addition to more sustainability in nutrient management. Our soybean and corn customers have had great results”, says Filipe Miranda, product manager at Mosaic Fertilizers.

The Mosaic Fertilizers stand at the 29th edition of Agrishow is located at Shopping Rural Coopercitrus. During the event, visitors can also register for NutriVantagens, a relationship program created in 2022, which already has more than 10 thousand loyal customers.

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