Agrishow 2024: Jacto expands portfolio of agricultural machines, solutions and services

The company also announces a partnership with DJI to distribute agricultural drones in Brazil, with the Jacto difference in spraying expertise

01.05.2024 | 17:26 (UTC -3)
Sibelle Freitas

Present since the first edition, Jacto brings to Agrishow 2024 complete solutions for the daily lives of rural producers who seek more productivity, effectiveness and savings in agricultural production. This year, Jacto will add imaging drones and solids spraying and dispersion drones to its portfolio, offering farmers an even greater range of technologies for treating crops.

“Agrishow is always a great opportunity for us to present Jacto solutions for agriculture to the market. This year, especially, we are even more excited to have a second plant in operation”, comments Fernando Gonçalves, president of Jacto. “We know that agriculture is cyclical and even in the face of a challenging year for agribusiness, we continue to invest in innovations that ensure more assertive actions for producers, from planting to harvesting”, he adds.

Innovation Space

In the center of the Jacto stand at Agrishow, visitors can see a demonstration of technologies, resources and tools present in Jacto equipment, which are responsible for optimizing and reducing production costs. They can also learn about digital agriculture concepts that provide agriculture increasingly focused on information management, precision, resource savings and lower environmental impact.

There are six demonstration stations and a simulator where visitors can have experience using the sprayers. Jacto's portfolio of nozzles will be available at the spray nozzle station, with a technical team available for recommendations and answering questions. On one of the spray benches, spray control with PWM technology will be demonstrated, the main benefit of which is maintaining pressure and, consequently, the size of droplets in the sprayers, even when the machine speed varies.

On another bench, the Spot Spray technology will be demonstrated, which uses a sensor to apply the herbicide only where plants are present, reducing costs and environmental impact. The technology is extremely useful in controlling pests and weeds.

The Innovation Space also presents the new displays of the OTMIS Line for Precision Agriculture, which bring features such as the Machine to Machine system that allows sprayers to share application maps, so that one piece of equipment can identify where the other has already applied, avoiding unwanted overlaps; and Remote Access and Diagnosis that allows farmers to consult Jacto specialists to solve any problems and make better use of the onboard tools. 

Autonomous sprayer 

Visitors to the fair will be able to see the Arbus 4000 JAV up close, the first Brazilian autonomous sprayer available on the market. The equipment stands out for its use of artificial intelligence in its operation. For example, it uses cameras, lasers and GPS signals to travel autonomously within citrus crops. Furthermore, it is possible to count the fruits while it is spraying, making an estimate of productivity. The vehicle features intelligent obstacle control management, which automatically stops when it identifies something obstructing the path.Sprayers

Jacto exhibits at Agrishow tractorized sprayers for perennial crops (citrus and coffee growing), equipped with a Multicontrol spraying system, which maintains the application volume constant, with quick correction of the flow rate when changing speeds. They also have an onboard telemetry system, enabling the farm administrator to precisely control the fleet and the operations being carried out, as well as planning all farm applications.

Recognized worldwide for the quality of application, Jacto's Automotive Sprayers, which this year celebrate 35 years of the first model launched, will also be present. The highlight is the Uniport 3030 and Uniport 4530, which from 2024 onwards can be purchased with the PWM system. And when integrated into the nozzle-to-nozzle system, PWM automatically controls pressure, allowing better quality and management of the spraying operation.


In partnership with the company DJI, a global leader in the segment, Jacto will be a distributor of two models of spraying and dispersion drones: the DJI Agras T50 and T25P, in addition to the Mavic 3M, an imaging drone equipped with a multispectral camera to digitize and analyze crop growth with precision. The distribution of equipment is structured with its own team that will provide all technical and consultative sales and after-sales support, and instructors dedicated to drone operation training. Jacto's new line of business also has a dedicated team for research and development.


Jacto's launch in 2024, the Uniport 8030 NPK fertilizer machine draws attention for its new design with a front engine, a reservoir with a capacity of 8.000 kg and a wider, more comfortable cabin. The new chassis provides better weight distribution and greater suspension travel. In terms of technology, the fertilizer machine offers solutions that enable precise dosing, ease of adjustment and larger, more uniform application ranges. 

In fertilization, Jacto also has two other models of broadcast fertilizer machines: Uniport 5030 NPK and Tellus 10.000 NPK.


With 16 or 18 planting lines, the Lumina 300 is another major launch from Jacto this year. The machine has a central reservoir with a capacity of 5.100 liters and a planting furrow spray system with a capacity of 900 liters. Still among the large planters, Jacto is pre-launching the Lumina 500, with 49 planting lines and a single central reservoir of 7500 liters. Both machines have an exclusive, fully integrated planting furrow spraying system, which eliminates adaptations and risks of equipment breakdowns compared to after-market solutions. Tractorized and self-transportable, the planters are ready for road transport with a width of 3,20 meters without any setup, which is considered one of their great differences.

Another novelty in planting is that the Meridia 200, Jacto's first planter available on the market with 11, 13 and 15 rows, from 2024 onwards will be sold with the same precision agriculture technologies present in the Lumina 300, which can provide a savings of up to 15% on seeds and fertilizers and several other benefits.

coffee harvester

Jacto, a pioneer in launching coffee harvesters 45 years ago, highlights at Agrishow its most recent model, the K 3000, a self-propelled harvester, with a 2000-liter coffee tank, a power of 84 hp and a free harvesting height of 3,1 .3,2 meters. It is a lighter machine, with a maximum width of 30 meters, with great maneuverability in confined spaces and which works with quality and safety on slopes of up to XNUMX%.

sugarcane harvester

In pre-launch, Jacto's cane harvester, the Hover 500 represents a new option for harvesting sugar cane. With an efficient cleaning system and the ability to harvest two lines simultaneously, the machine reduces soil compaction, ensuring the preservation of the sugarcane ratoon and a greater number of cuts from the sugarcane field. Another difference is the consumption of up to 35% less fuel per ton of sugarcane harvested compared to other models on the market.

Jacto Financing and Consortium 

Jacto will have special financing conditions of up to 100% of the asset, with interest rates ranging from 6,99% to 9,99% pa depending on the financing term, which can be from 2 to 5 years.

The Jacto Consórcio is also an option for purchasing agricultural machinery during the event. Through the consortium, the producer can choose different plans, including immediate consideration and a free first installment.

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