Agricultural auditors accept restructuring proposal and end mobilization

Called "Operation Restructuring", the movement of agricultural auditors began in January this year and called for better working conditions

22.05.2024 | 17:09 (UTC -3)
Shismênia Oliveira
photo: reproduction
photo: reproduction

In a general meeting held today, 68,5% of federal agricultural tax auditors accepted the career restructuring proposal made by the Ministry of Management and Innovation in Public Services (MGI). As a result, the standard operation, which began in January, will be interrupted across the country from this Thursday. Even with the decision, the majority of auditors show dissatisfaction with the government, especially with MGI's conduct in the negotiations.

According to the National Union of Federal Agricultural Tax Auditors (Anffa Sindical), professionals have reported precarious working conditions, especially those who work exhausting shifts in border regions and in meat processing plants. There are also reports of moral harassment within the departments of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (Mapa) and mass dismissals from management positions.

Although the movement is closed, the union reinforces that it will continue to monitor the development of employee complaints and measures adopted by Mapa regarding the work structure in the area of ​​agricultural defense.

Among the issues that receive the greatest attention from auditors is the regulation of the Self-Control Law, a measure defended by large companies in the productive sector and which, to date, has not had a broad internal discussion with the career. The proposal intends to transfer State responsibility for inspections of products of animal and plant origin to technicians hired by the industry itself, which could put food safety for consumers at risk.


Started on January 22, the movement of agricultural auditors called for better working conditions through restructuring and the inclusion of the career in the federal Executive's audit cycle. The objective was to encourage the government to treat food safety and agricultural defense in a manner equivalent to tax collection, environmental inspection and public safety.

It is worth noting that, during the period, there were no strikes or stoppages of agricultural defense activities. The auditors had stopped working unpaid overtime, but continued to respect the deadlines set out in Mapa standards for the release of certificates and goods, such as, for example, cargo for export in Brazilian ports.

Therefore, since the beginning of the mobilization, essential agricultural defense activities have not been suspended at any time, including the diagnosis of diseases and pests foreseen in MAPA control programs and the issuance of an International Veterinary Certificate for pet travel, as well as such as the inspection of live and perishable cargo.

Anffa Sindical reaffirms the auditors' commitment to ensuring the continuity of agricultural defense activities, always aiming at the safety and quality of the food that reaches the table of Brazilians or other countries.

Currently, Brazil has 2,3 agricultural auditors to audit and inspect ports, airports, border areas, meat-packing plants, agro-industries, production fields, animal health and welfare, in addition to carrying out tax analyzes in laboratories and open markets through agricultural attachés. Around 20% of this total is ready to retire and the replacement of personnel through public competitions has not been able to meet the volume of Brazilian agribusiness.

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