Universities are present in the technical itinerary of the Opening of the Rice Harvest

The event takes place from February 9th to 11th in a hybrid format at Embrapa Clima Temperado, in Capão do Leão

03.02.2021 | 20:59 (UTC -3)
Rejane Costa

The technical itinerary that is part of the program for the 31st Official Opening of the Rice and Grains Harvest in Lowlands will show this year how much the rice farming activity has been diversifying with the integration of crops and livestock. Soy is always very present, livestock farming in a new area brings several forage species to different scenarios within the State and new crops are also starting to have space, as is the case with corn.

The coordinator of the Rio Grandense Rice Institute (Irga) in the South Zone, André Matos, informs that the issue of irrigation is being worked on heavily in soybeans. “The area with grain has been growing year after year and the idea is to have more and more irrigation tools to avoid losses due to drought. These losses occur at different levels, but soybean productivity is always lost due to water deficit,” he notes, highlighting that the event will address irrigation in various systems, such as flood, underground and sprinkler. In relation to corn, he highlights that the crop is being worked by Irga and always in an irrigated manner. “We know that the investment is very high and that corn irrigation is practically mandatory,” he says.

Matos also highlights the presence in the Technical Roadmap of the main federal universities linked to the agricultural sector, such as Ufrgs, UFSM and Ufpel. “Epagri de Santa Catarina will also be present to serve the pre-germinated public, which has a lot of representation, mainly in the Central Region and the North Coast of our State”, he emphasizes, remembering that every year Embrapa and Irga are present at the event, in addition to the main multinationals in the sector.

The companies and institutions that will be participating in the technological showcases are: Irga, Embrapa, Epagri/SC, Faculdade de Agronomia Eliseu Maciel, UFSM, Ufrgs, Basf, FMC, SuperN, Ihara, Netafim, Zimmatic, RiceTec, Syngenta, FTSementes, Bayer, Pioneer, Brevant Sementes, Compass Mineralks, PGG Wrightson, Adama, Sindag and Morgan.

With the theme “The New Directions of the Production System”, the 31st Official Opening of the Rice Harvest will take place from February 9th to 11th in a hybrid format, with online options on the event website and in person at the Terras Baixas Experimental Station, from Embrapa Clima Temperado, in Capão do Leão (RS). It is carried out by Federarroz, co-organized by Embrapa and premium sponsorship by Irga and the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa).

Information and registration can be made at www.colhetadoarroz.com.br or through the Colheita do Arroz app.

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