Tocantins Agricultural Defense collects 25 tons of empty pesticide packaging in itinerant actions

The materials were returned by 799 rural producers during the Itinerant Receiving (RI)

08.07.2024 | 14:32 (UTC -3)
Dinalva Martins
Photo: Disclosure
Photo: Disclosure

The Government of Tocantins, through the Agricultural Defense Agency (Adapec), celebrates the result of the Itinerant Receipt (RI) of empty packaging of agricultural pesticides, which accounted for 25 tons returned between the months of April and June, in 18 municipalities, benefiting 799 small and medium-sized rural producers from all regions of the State. For this year, a target of 31 editions was established, the calendar for the remaining 13 municipalities will be released in the second semester.

The RIs aim to facilitate access for small and medium-sized rural producers to strategic points for returning these liabilities, in addition to promoting environmental awareness. “The action removes disused packaging from the field to avoid contamination of people, animals and the environment, prioritizing sustainable production, as these packaging will be evaluated and can later be recycled transforming them into pipes, tubes, etc. others”, highlighted the president of Adapec Paulo Lima.

The RIs project is an initiative of the National Institute for Empty Packaging Processing (Inpev), with the support of Adapec; Association of Agricultural Input Resellers of Porto Nacional (Areia); Association of Agricultural Input Resellers of the Middle North of Tocantins (Atria); Association of Agricultural Input Distributors of the State of Tocantins – Adiato and the Aciart Association (Imperatriz-MA). In addition, from local city halls.

Municipalities that had IR in this first stage were: Araguatins, Aguiarnópolis, Axixá, Buriti, Augustinópolis, Tocantinópolis, Palmeiras, Sítio Novo, São Miguel, Itaguatins, Almas, Paraíso, Divinópolis, Pium, Palmeirópolis, Paranã, Miranorte and Bernardo Sayão.

When to return the packaging?

According to the legislation, after purchasing the pesticide, the producer has a period of one year to return the empty packaging, to the location indicated on the product invoice, which may be extended for another six months, if the product is not has been used in its entirety. Adapec advises that the return receipt be kept by the producer for two years on the rural property, as in the event of inspection they must be presented.

Where can I return empty pesticide packaging?

The State also has fixed locations to receive empty packaging of agricultural pesticides, two centers located in the municipalities of Pedro Afonso and Silvanópolis and four more stations, in the municipalities of Araguaína, Tocantinópolis, Gurupi and Lagoa da Confusao.

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