Sugar production records an increase of 9,3% in the final stretch of the harvest in the North and Northeast

Hydrous ethanol production grew 11,8%

02.04.2024 | 16:55 (UTC -3)

By the end of the first half of March (15/03), the sugarcane harvest in the North and Northeast, which had already reached around 92% of the processing expected for the 2023-2024 season, grew 2,5%, with the crushing of 57,38 million tons. Data compiled by the Association of Sugar, Ethanol and Bioenergy Producers (NovaBio) indicate that sugar manufacturing, totaling 3,36 million tons, was 9,3% higher than the production of 3 million tons observed in the same period last year .

Renato Cunha, executive president of NovaBio, an entity that brings together 35 ethanol plants and distilleries in 11 states in the North and Northeast of the country, reaffirms the growth trend in sugar production verified in the entity's latest fortnightly reports.

“Despite the recent recovery in ethanol prices, a product that still lacks a more predictable and stable policy, sugar for export continues to pay better for producers in the North and Northeast, mainly due to the appreciation of the commodity on the international market”, he states. the executive. He explains that the exchange rate and the world's need to build stocks, especially in the face of international conflicts, favored less volatile product prices.


Hydrous ethanol production grew 11,8%. 1,09 billion liters were manufactured compared to the 975,61 million liters verified on March 15, 2023. In the case of anhydrous biofuel, which is mixed with gasoline, there was a decrease of 10,9%, with 1,05 billion of liters compared to 1,17 billion liters manufactured in the period 2022-2023.

In relation to total ethanol production (anhydrous and hydrated), the volume fell by 0,6%, reaching 2,14 billion liters against 2,15 billion liters produced in the same fortnight of the last harvest.

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