Soybean seed technology and production course is open for registration

Lasting five days, the course is aimed at professionals in the seed sector who seek to improve their knowledge and skills

09.11.2023 | 15:54 (UTC -3)
Vera Barão

With the aim of presenting technologies that enable the production of quality soybean seeds in tropical and subtropical regions, Embrapa Soja promotes the Soybean Seed Production Technology course, between November 27th and December 1st, in Londrina .

The course is aimed at professionals in the seed industry, who seek to improve their knowledge and skills. Lasting 36 hours, the course offers 120 places and registration is open. 

The classes will be given by Embrapa Soja researchers from the Seed and Grain Technology, Entomology, Ecophysiology, Fertility and Soil Microbiology, Genetics and Improvement, Soil and Culture Management, Weed Plants teams, in addition to seed experts from universities and other research institutions.

Under the coordination of Embrapa Soja researcher, Dr. Francisco Carlos Krzyzanowski, the course is aimed at those who work or intend to work in the soybean seed industry. “The course provides a comprehensive overview, detailing seed production technology. Our goal is to provide a valuable contribution for those who want to deepen their knowledge”, says Krzyzanowski.

To produce high-quality soybean seeds, the seed sector needs to face several challenges. Soy is a crop that adapts best to temperate regions, which is why in tropical and subtropical regions it is necessary to use special techniques to guarantee the quality of the seeds. Furthermore, seeds can be affected by climatic and nutritional factors, which reduce their viability and vigor.

The course offers participants the main recommendations to avoid or minimize the effects of these factors on the quality of soybean seeds. Therefore, the course program includes the main techniques to avoid the main causes of seed deterioration and guarantee the production of high quality seeds. The objective is to train professionals in the seed sector to produce soybean seeds with a high standard of quality and agronomic performance.

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