Paraná Quality Coffee Competition is open for registration until September 30th

Registration is free and owners, sharecroppers, tenants and partners can participate

21.05.2024 | 15:15 (UTC -3)
Photo: Disclosure
Photo: Disclosure

In its 22nd edition, the Café Qualidade Paraná award is open for registration until September 30th. Coffee growers interested in participating should look for the Paraná Rural Development Institute – Iapar-Emater (IDR-Paraná) unit in their municipality. Registration is free and owners, sharecroppers, tenants and partners can participate. The awards ceremony is scheduled for November 12th, in Curitiba.

It is possible to compete with coffees that have undergone natural processing – or dry processing, in which the beans are dried whole – or peeled cherries, also called wet processing, a method in which the fruit pulp is removed before drying. In both categories, the producer needs to be aware of the size of the batch, which must be one bag (62 kilos) processed. The grains must have sieve size 16 or higher, a maximum of 11,5% moisture and present a maximum of 12 defects (COB).

The registered batches initially undergo a physical evaluation to detect defects in the product – such as broken, burned or damaged grains by insects – based on the Official Brazilian Classification (COB). In the second evaluation, the cup test, carried out using the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) methodology, the aroma, sweetness, acidity, body, flavor, remaining taste and balance of the drink are analyzed.

In each category, finalists classified up to fifth place are guaranteed the purchase of their lot at the Brazilian Stock Exchange (B3) quotation on the day before the contest closing date, plus a minimum premium of 50%.

2023 winners 

In the last edition, coffee grower Simone Schauer Maia, from Pinhalão (Norte Pioneiro), took first place in the natural category. Regiane Miguel da Silva, from Curiúva (Norte Pioneiro), came in second and Juliane Aparecida Nunes da Luz, also from Pinhalão, came in third. In the peeled cherry category, the winner was Julio César Barros, from São Jerônimo da Serra (North), followed by Juliane Aparecida Nunes da Luz, from Pinhalão, and Gabriel Augusto Soares, from São Jerônimo da Serra.

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