National Petroleum Agency works to guarantee fuel supply in Rio Grande do Sul

The continuation of rains resulted in difficulties in supplying the region, especially in access to biodiesel and anhydrous ethanol

06.05.2024 | 16:53 (UTC -3)
National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels

The National Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANP) has followed, monitored and carried out a series of actions to mitigate the effects on fuel supply due to the serious crisis facing Rio Grande do Sul, due to the heavy rains occurring in region this week and which culminated in the declaration of a state of public calamity in the state (Ordinance No. 1.354, of May 02, 2024).

The continuation of rains resulted in difficulties in supplying the region, especially in accessing biodiesel and anhydrous ethanol. These biofuels would regularly arrive by road or rail to distribution bases in Esteio and Canoas/RS. However, at the moment, there are several blockages on the state's roads and railways, which prevent the regular supply of these biofuels.

There is, however, no change in the supply of fossil fuels, which, in turn, arrive via pipeline connection from the Refap refinery (Alberto Pasqualini Refinery), in Canoas/RS, and to the surrounding distribution bases. This flow remains operational and was not altered by the calamity situation.

Thus, given the urgency of the situation, the ANP adopted temporary measures that can ensure the supply of fuels with adequate quality control, among others, authorizing the flexibility of the mixture of biodiesel in diesel and ethanol in gasoline.

In addition to conducting and participating in a series of meetings with public bodies and representatives of the sector, to date, the ANP has carried out the following actions to make fuel distribution operations more flexible and, therefore, facilitate logistical operations to ensure that these fuels reach the population of the region:

i) Authorize, on an exceptional basis, in the period from 03/05/2024 to 31/05/2024, the exemption from prior approval for the transfer of space to complement storage and distribution capacity, among distributors of liquid fuels that have current operating authorization in the municipalities of Canoas/RS and Esteio/RS, according to Official Letter No. 1729/2024/SDL-CRAT/SDL/ANP-RJ (process No. 48610.212113/2024-80);

ii) Approve the request for granting a new exceptional authorization for the sale of anhydrous ethanol outside the normative technical specifications in the OPASC system (Paraná-Santa Catarina Oil Pipeline), during the period of 30 (thirty) days, counting from 03/05 /2024, as long as specific conditions are met to guarantee the monitoring of quality and supply of the product by the ANP, according to Order nº 9/2024/DIR III/ANP-RJ (process nº 48610.206483/2024-88); 

iii) Approve the temporary flexibility of the mixture of biodiesel with diesel oil and ethanol with gasoline in the State of Rio Grande do Sul for up to 30 days, counting from 03/05/2024, with this period being able to be revised depending on the conditions of supply in the state, for the following values, according to Order nº 10/2024/DIR III/ANP-RJ (Process nº 48610.212132/2024-14):

- Gasoline C containing at least 21% anhydrous ethanol, replacing the current percentage of 27%;

- S10 diesel oil containing at least 2% biodiesel, replacing the current percentage of 14%; It is

- S500 diesel oil without any biodiesel mixture. 

The measures taken are exceptional, given the acute dimension of the crisis in the region, and will be reviewed by the ANP whenever necessary, due to the unfolding of climate events in the southern region of the country.

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