Mato Grosso gains new reception center for empty agricultural pesticide packaging

The Querência center will serve producers from 15 cities in North Araguaia and will further expand the receiving network in the State, which has 36 units in strategic regions

10.05.2022 | 14:07 (UTC -3)
Adriane Foldi

On the 11th, the new center for receiving empty agricultural pesticide packaging from inpEV, the managing entity of the Campo Limpo System, will be opened in Querência. With 1.180 meters2 of built area, it will have the capacity to process more than 1 thousand tons/year of packaging.

In addition to Querência, the new unit will serve farmers from another 14 municipalities: Alto Boa Vista, Bom Jesus do Araguaia, Canabrava do Norte, Confresa, Luciara, Novo Santo Antonio, Porto Alegre do Norte, Ribeirão Cascalheira, Santa Cruz do Xingu, Santa Terezinha , São Félix do Araguaia, São José do Xingu, Serra Nova Dourada and Vila Rica.

inpEV Operations Manager, Antonio Carlos Amaral, explains that the inauguration will further expand the package receiving network in Mato Grosso, reaching 36 units in strategic regions of the state. “In 2021, around 53,5 thousand tons of agricultural pesticide packaging were correctly allocated in the country, an increase of 7% compared to 2020. Mato Grosso alone accounted for 25% of the total, being first in the national ranking” .

According to inpEV's regional Operations coordinator, Rosângela Soto, as the Querência region is a new agricultural frontier, it is growing steadily. “inpEV needs to follow this process to meet the expansion of local demand. Hence the importance of this inauguration in the municipality, which, individually, is the largest producer of soy, corn and cotton in North Araguaia”, she explains.

Rosângela says that since 2005 the municipality has had a reception station, which is managed by Ardava (Association of Agricultural Pesticides Representatives of Vale do Araguaia) and receives, on average, 400 tons of material per year. “With the opening, the two units will coexist for a brief period. To avoid causing inconvenience to the farmer, we will make a gradual transition until all deliveries are made to the new inpEV center”, highlights Rosângela.

The new unit is managed by inpEV in accordance with the Integrated Management Program for Receiving Centers and the laws that govern its activity – Law 9.074/00 and its regulatory decree 4.074/02.

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