MT's largest agricultural fair will be carbon neutral event

Organized by the Rio Verde Foundation, the sustainable actions began with planting trees for the 2023 Harvest Show

16.11.2022 | 13:34 (UTC -3)
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Reinforcing the responsibility of socio-environmental sustainability, the largest and most important agribusiness fair in Mato Grosso will be "Carbon Neutral" from the next edition onwards. This is one of the big news of the 2023 Harvest Show that will take place on March 21st to 23rd, in the municipality of Lucas do Rio Verde-MT. Innovation brings what is most modern at this moment: development, technology and sustainability for agriculture.

Organized annually by the Rio Verde Foundation, Show Safra has a technical and commercial focus on topics related to agribusiness. It brings together in a single event the entire universe that agriculture represents for the state of Mato Grosso, including soybean crops, cotton corn, machinery fair, equipment, livestock space, products and services, including discussions of socioeconomic issues and innovations relevant to agricultural activity.

Executive Director of the Foundation, Rodrigo Pasqualli highlights that the carbon offsetting work will already be done before the Safra Show, with an environmental action of planting trees.

"We held a major event in the most important and representative state for agriculture in our country, and the concern is always to have a difference that leaves a mark for the next generations. In this context, our proposal is to work in 2023 on an unprecedented event in events in the agribusiness, which is concerned about gas emissions. To survey emission indicators, we partnered with a certified company with application of the parameters and metrics to measure this and provide transparency to the public that the Rio Verde Foundation is concerned with the future and the message of care for the environment we live in. And, in return for this, compensation will then be made, through the planting of trees in advance, said Pasqualli”.

carbon neutral

An event is carbon neutral when its greenhouse gas emissions, which could not be avoided, are properly quantified and an environmental compensation action is carried out in the same proportion, such as support for environmental projects.

For 2023, the organization will provide this simple practical way of making the event more sustainable, with the support of the Ororo Company, which will quantify and score actions that will be carried out to neutralize exclusive greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions resulting from the Show Crop.

After the event, a new calculation will be carried out considering data measured in the 2023 edition in order to cross-reference the estimated emissions and adjust the anticipated compensation. 

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