Harbot Agro Pilot arrives in Brazil and aims for 20% of the market

Harbot FZCO products use “Deep Learning” neural networks in agronomic tasks; it allows machines to "see" and "understand" the environment in the field

22.01.2024 | 15:47 (UTC -3)
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Harbot FZCO marks its entry into the Brazilian agricultural market in 2024. The company introduces the Harbot Agro Pilot. According to the company, this system is a pioneer in the use of "Deep Learning" neural networks in agronomic tasks. It allows machines to “see” and “understand” the environment in the field. The technology stands out from conventional automatic steering systems, which can present risks in areas with an unstable GPS signal.

The Harbot Agro Pilot operates autonomously. It reduces dependency on GPS. This results in cost savings and increased efficiency. The system also allows nighttime operations, which speeds up the harvesting process.

Shkabara Island, CEO of Harbot FZCO, highlights the advantages of the system. He mentions the reduction in harvest time (up to 25%) and production losses (up to 13%). The system also reduces fuel consumption (up to 5%). Additionally, it increases operator productivity (up to 25%). The technology prevents collisions, ensuring total safety, he concludes.

The Harbot Agro Pilot kit includes several components. Among them, an automatic control unit, video cameras and a monitor.

This is how artificial intelligence "sees" a field scene
This is how artificial intelligence "sees" a field scene

Machines that can receive Harbot Agro Pilot

Ilha Shkabara says that the autopilot can be installed on 27 models of harvesters and 20 models of tractors, such as: John Deere, New Holland, Case, CLAAS... "The installation is quite simple and can be completed in one day by an engineer. If there is a training system for automatic driving on board, installing the autopilot takes less than 4 hours", he explains.

If there is no such system, a small block is added to the hydraulic system. External cameras are mounted on the roof of the combine and all that remains is to conveniently place the monitor in the driver's cab.

“The final system calibration and farmer training takes place in conjunction with our engineer and takes up to 40 minutes,” adds Shkabara

Market perspectives

The number of dealers is expected to increase to five in 2024 in the states of Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul and Goiás. "We are also planning to sign an agreement for the joint development of the Harbot Agro Pilot autopilot with Brazilian manufacturers of self-propelled sprayers, which will allow take them to the most modern level, which will surpass imported analogues", says Shkabara

"In total, Harbot FZCO plans to capture 20% of the Brazilian market over the next three years."

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