Field Day on the commercialization of grains and inputs brings together more than 120 people in Goiás

The event held by Grão Direto and partners also featured lectures and conversation circles about Safrinha 2024

07.06.2024 | 15:17 (UTC -3)
Ana Paula Cherin, Cultivar Magazine edition
Photo: Disclosure
Photo: Disclosure

Grão Direto, the largest digital grain marketing platform in Latin America, together with the companies ADM, ICL América do Sul, Grupo Catedral, Petrovina Sementes and Renovagro, recently promoted a Field Day at the Boa Vista do Jacaré farm, in Piracanjuba, Goiás (GO). The unprecedented event had the theme “Grão Além da Porteira” and brought together more than 120 people from the agricultural sector.

In addition to conversation circles between rural producers and companies, the event promoted a lecture with market analysts from Grão Direto on the topic “Safrinha 2024: Market and Opportunities”. During the presentation, professionals showed exclusive data based on surveys with the platform's customers, about the perspectives of those who buy, but also those who sell. 

“We are facing a new phase of agribusiness in which the use of these digital tools has become inevitable for rural producers, especially for those who want to save time and close increasingly efficient and profitable deals. Technology has helped us a lot, and promoting this event with Grão Direto and other companies helped to show colleagues in the region that they can also have access to technology and have more information in the palm of their hand”, highlighted rural producer Virgínio França, owner of the farm where the event took place.

Gabriela Felizardo, Head of Operations at Grão Direto, highlighted that Field Day was born in conjunction with the company's purpose of bringing, through technology, efficiency and security, quality information to thousands of farmers across the country. “The event awakened among participating producers and companies that digital is already a reality in grain negotiations - in 2023 alone, more than 5.000.000 tons of grains have been negotiated using our solutions. Being alongside hundreds of buyers and sellers is very important for us, as we are able to develop increasingly agile and functional tools, which actually generate value and change the daily lives of these people in agribusiness”, she concluded. 

In addition to the sponsors, the event had the support of Aprosoja-GO, PwC Agtech and CampoLab (Senar's innovation hub), groups and companies that are focused on the digitalization of processes inside and outside the gate in agriculture and that focus on providing content and innovation for farmers across Brazil.

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