Fertilizer deliveries grew 14% from January to November

Result demonstrates the resilience of agribusiness and the commitment of suppliers to meet demand amid the serious global logistics crisis

08.02.2022 | 15:09 (UTC -3)
Kevin Costner

The National Association for the Diffusion of Fertilizers (ANDA) reveals that fertilizer deliveries to the Brazilian market ended the month of November 2021 with 4,20 million tons, meaning an increase of 16,8% compared to the same month in 2020, when the volume was 3,59 million tons. From January to November last year, there were 42,54 million tons, an increase of 14,2% compared to the same period in the previous year, in which 37,25 million tons were recorded.

The State of Mato Grosso, leader in deliveries to the market, concentrated the largest volume in the period analyzed (21,4%), reaching 9,10 million tons. They are followed by: Rio Grande do Sul (5,14 million), São Paulo (4,73 million), Minas Gerais (4,51 million), Paraná (4,37 million) and Goiás (4,24 million).

“The increase in fertilizer deliveries shows that, even in a year still marked by the pandemic crisis and global logistical difficulties, suppliers were able to meet demand”, highlights Ricardo Tortorella, executive director of ANDA, emphasizing: “It also shows the resilience and the capacity to overcome agribusiness, which maintained the national supply and its exports of food, inputs and agricultural commodities, which are very important for the Brazilian economy”.

National production versus import

National production of intermediate fertilizers ended the month of November 2021 with 590 thousand tons, representing growth of 21,4%. From January to November, there were 6,32 million tons, an increase of 6,1% compared to the same period in 2020, when 5,96 million tons were produced.

Imports of intermediate fertilizers reached 4,17 million tons in November, with growth of 40,9%. From January to November, the total was 35,64 million tons, meaning an increase of 19,1% compared to the same period in 2020, when 29,91 million tons were imported.

At the port of Paranaguá, the main gateway for fertilizers, 9,99 million tons entered, an increase of 12,6% compared to 2020, when 8,87 million tons were unloaded. The terminal represented 28% of total imports (source: Siacesp).

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