Cotton harvest already exceeds 50% in Goiás

Productivity averages are also high, with an average of 313,78@/ha in the State

28.07.2023 | 13:48 (UTC -3)
Brenno Sarques

The cotton harvest is accelerated and around 15% of the entire crop planted in Goiás was harvested in one week. The survey on July 28 shows that 52,12% of the 2022-2023 harvest has already been harvested. A week ago, July 21, this percentage was 38,28%. The data comes from the Cotton Culture Incentive Fund (Fialgo).

In Region 1, made up of the municipalities of Goiatuba, Itumbiara, Morrinhos, Palmeiras de Goiás, Santa Helena and Turvelândia, the harvest reached 74,83%, a jump compared to the 58,01% of the previous week. The harvested area represents 8,17% of the total in Goiás.

In Region 2, which brings together the municipalities of Caiapônia, Chapadão do Céu, Jataí, Montividiu, Mineiros, Rio Verde and Perolândia, the percentage harvested is 59,13%, also a big improvement compared to the 40,52% recorded on the day July 21st. The current value corresponds to 27,65% of the total for Goiás.

In turn, Region 3, which encompasses the municipalities of Cabeceiras, Cristalina and Luziânia, reached 54,67% of harvested area (the value was 43,59% on July 21), which corresponds to 16,3% of the total at the state level.

Region 4, formed only by the municipalities of Britânia and Jussara, has not yet started harvesting.

Benefits and productivity

Cotton processing is also in full swing and has already reached 19% of the harvest. Productivity averages are also high, with 322,51@/ha in the first harvest and 291,42@/ha in the second harvest, an average of 313,78@/ha in the State.

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