Caramuru Alimentos delivers Sustain Seal to 167 farmers

The recognition represents the commitment of its raw material suppliers and the company to society and the environment

06.06.2024 | 15:12 (UTC -3)
Carina Morpurgo
Photo: Disclosure
Photo: Disclosure

Caramuru Alimentos SA, a 100% Brazilian company processing soybeans, corn, sunflower and canola, held today, in Itumbiara, Goiás (GO), the launch and delivery event for the Sustentar Seal. 167 farmers participated, reinforcing the application of sustainability concepts throughout the production chain, from the supply of raw materials, essential for the industrialization and commercialization of products placed on national and international markets. 

Sustentar represents, in practice, Caramuru's commitment to society and the environment, as it guarantees the sustainability and traceability of the company's products from their origin, in the raw material, until they reach the consumer's table. 

The Sustentar Seal is part of the company's ESG practices, as it proves social and environmental responsibility. “It is very gratifying for us to hold this event, as our DNA is to always seek the best practices in all our industrial units, aiming to engage all employees and partners and, in this way, delivering a final product to our customers. 100% adequate”, says Júlio Costa, CEO of Caramuru. 

The action is part of Caramuru's Sustainability Policy, within which a series of commitments are made, such as: encouraging the development and use of renewable energy sources; research, development, dissemination and application of good agricultural and agronomic practices; encouraging the intelligent and responsible use of natural resources, in addition to complying with standards and regulations. 

“With the Sustentar Seal, we guarantee that our products are sourced in a sustainable and traceable way. Within its responsibilities, we periodically carry out, together with raw material suppliers (soy, corn and sunflower), a socio-environmental diagnosis that reinforces the compliance of the harvest acquired”, says André Luiz, Family Farming Manager at Caramuru. “The Sustentar Seal is part of Caramuru’s broader program, the Sustentar Program, which invests in training and monitoring of raw material suppliers, aiming to control income and expenses in production, in order to maximize the return potential”, he comments. 

Participating in the event were Brasil Sustentabilidade, a consultancy that has worked on the development of the Sustentar Program since 2016, and Proforest, a company with global reach, which supports good forms of natural resource management, which presented the theme “The world and sustainability” during the event . Next, André Luiz Silva Soares from Caramuru spoke about “The importance of the seal for the farmer”. Then, the Sustentar Seal was awarded to producers. 

“Actions like this are important to show support and partnership for producers. A more sustainable origination tends to benefit everyone: the producer, Caramuru, the market and, in a larger instance, the planet”, comments the Family Farming Manager at Caramuru.

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