Brazil's relationship with China is solid, says Tereza Cristina

Minister participated in the 14th Harvest Forecast Meeting, in Brasília

14.02.2020 | 20:59 (UTC -3)

Minister Tereza Cristina (Agriculture, Livestock and Supply) said this Thursday (13) that Brazil's relationship with China is solid and that the Asian country's agreement with the United States will not have “catastrophic” consequences for Brazil. “I'm optimistic, I think about the opportunities that crises can bring at certain times”, said the minister, when participating in the 14th Harvest Forecast Meeting, promoted by the National Association of Cereal Exporters (Anec) and the National Association of Cotton Exporters (Anea), in Brasília. 

She highlighted that the soybean market is already known and that the soybeans produced today are already priced and sold. The minister also recalled that the Ministry of Agriculture is working intensively to open new markets and increase Brazil's export base. “Soybeans and corn are very important, but we have other things and we have to diversify our agenda for our trade balance”.

The minister said that it is necessary to carefully analyze the possible impacts that the new Coronavirus could have on agriculture. She recalled that China has 1,3 billion inhabitants, and that it will continue to demand food. “These are momentary situations, but we have to analyze them with due caution and with a larger, not punctual, scenario. We have to be very cautious and responsible, because the markets are nervous,” she said. 

She drew attention to the campaign that Brazil is undergoing, especially in the European Union, against Brazilian agricultural products. “They are looking at us with a magnifying glass, but it is protectionism. We have to be very careful so that they do not find a reason to punish Brazil. There is a clear campaign against Brazil because of our size and our possibilities to expand”.

Tereza Cristina once again cited what she considers a “mantra” for the sector: “Brazil is the greatest agri-environmental power in the world, and our agriculture is sustainable”. She assured that she will work firmly to consolidate the functioning of the Forest Code and the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR) in the country. “The moment we had this, we will shut the world up, because no one has a tool like this,” she said. 

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