Baldan establishes partnerships with hubs and startups

Initiative aims to create innovations in telemetry, connectivity in the field and credit; the company also launched its own space, Baldan Labs

05.12.2023 | 14:22 (UTC -3)
Luiz Antonio dos Santos, Cultivar edition

Established just over a year ago, a structure called “Customer Centricity and Digital Transformation”, from Baldan Implementos Agrícolas, has managed around half a dozen contracts with innovation hubs for the development of new features that include telemetry tools, connectivity in field and credit. In addition to launching the initiative, the company also opened its own space for the development of ideas and the culture of innovation, Baldan Labs.  

Among the actions created at Baldan Labs is the Rural Product Certificate (CPR), which aims to reduce issuance time and waive funding. Connectivity in the field and telemetry are two other focuses of actions at innovation hubs.

External innovation hubs

Associated with well-known innovation hubs, such as Distrito, Cocriagro, Agtech Garage and Senai Londrina, Baldan is on track to close more partnerships, such as with Onovolab, in São Carlos. The list of potential innovation targets includes the application of telemetry for soil preparation, planting and spraying equipment, predictive models for factory planning and programming, connectivity in the field and credit solutions to allow rural producers to purchase implements with advanced technology without compromising future harvests or bank limits.

“Baldan made many transformations in its culture to get where it is. We look at this transformation as an ecosystem and we are connected to innovation hubs with startup projects with high TRL”, concludes Leandro Bacic Fernandes, director of Customer Centricity and Digital Transformation.

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